Tuesday, June 05, 2012

I Think It's Tuesday... Which Means True Confessions

I'm so freaking lost on my days, I didn't even know it was Tuesday until I sat down to write my blog.  What's worse is that it's my niece's birthday today - and I still didn't know the actual day.  That's what summer will do to a person, I guess.

I'm sitting in front of my computer, at home.  It feels nice.  I love my iPad, but it always feels good to be sitting in my office, in front of my laptop.  Probably because there are no kids in here, it's quiet, and...well...it's my own house.  Gee, I'm so homesick.

So, it's Tuesday - from what I understand - so that means it's time for me to dish the dirt in this week's installment of True Confessions.  Let's get started, shall we?

I confess that I have somehow gained 6lbs since moving to my mom's.  How a person gains 6lbs by only eating one meal a day is beyond me... but if anyone can do it, I can.  And, I am fully aware of how bad it is that I'm only eating one meal a day... but I can't even remember what day it is, let alone remember to eat three times a day.  Sue me.

I confess that I'm so freaking excited that there's only 9 more days until my parents return from their vacation.  Thank all things Holy.  Any more time than that, and I'd be clinically insane, weigh 500lbs, and may take up drinking.  Well, maybe I would take up drinking, forget to eat altogether, and maybe end up losing some weight.  Food for thought.

I confess that I have watched WAY too much HGTV this week...and now it's got me all hooked on wanting to buy a new house.  I must stop watching shows that have so much effect on me.  I mean, I haven't even started working yet - and I'm already dreaming about buying a house and spending the money I haven't even earned.  HGTV is the devil!

I confess that going to the wedding on Saturday didn't really have much effect on my wanting to get married.  I think it's because I was surrounded by beautiful people - and all I could think about was how fat and frumpy I'd look in a wedding dress.  Although, maybe if I actually set a date and started planning for a wedding, it would shoot a rocket up my behind to actually lose the freakin' weight.

I confess that I want to go swimming some time this week, but I'm scared to death about trying on my bathing suit.  I know it's not going to fit - but I refuse to buy another one.  Just not going to do it.  I got rid of my fat clothes for a reason...and it wasn't so I could replace them.  I either lose the weight again, or go nekked...and I'm pretty sure there's not a single person on this planet that would want that.

I confess that I'm really enjoying the quality time that Peanut and I have had this week.  With Butter spending some time with P-Momma, it's given Peanut and I some time to hang out together.  She's been a great help with all the kiddos, and she and I have sat on the porch each night chatting.  Makes all my heart warm and fuzzy to think that my daughter is actually enjoying spending some time with me.  They grow up too dang fast!

I confess that I honestly think I've earned my Domestic Goddess badge the past couple of weeks.  I've handwashed dishes every day.  I've cooked.  I've cleaned.  I've done all of the laundry for everyone in the house.  I am very proud of myself.  I've learned what you're supposed to do when being a good parent.  It's only taken me this long to learn.  HA!

I confess that I really need to get off of here and go grocery shopping.  I've spent enough time enjoying my computer, and I need to do what I'm supposed to be doing.

Till next time. ;)


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