Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Little Truth Goes a Long Way

You all know the drill...

To be honest... I didn't enjoy being at work yesterday one little bit.  That's because I've realized that no matter how much I put on the "I like being a tough teacher" persona - I really don't like being a tough teacher.  And by tough, I mean mean.  Not nice.  Strict.  However you want to say it.  I went to work and spent the day playing the "I'm so disappointed" card.  I took away some amount of recess for all but five of the kids.  I made them work in silence, except the same five.  And the worst part was handing out brownies to five students, while the rest watched with pathetic puppy dog eyes.  It was torture!  I just hope I NEVER have to go to that extent again to make my point.

To be honest... I couldn't end the day, yesterday, without letting every single student know that yes, I was disappointed in them.. but they served their time for the crime and as of today it would be behind us.  If I can get anything pushed on to them, I want it to be that I don't hold a grudge.  I'm a deal with it and move on kinda gal.  They won't suffer for days and days.  I will be back to my cheery, funny, normal self today.  Minus brownies.  But, I truly believe that what I did yesterday will carry some weight.  I hope so, anyways.  I hate to think that I put them and myself through such a day of misery for nothing.

To be honest... I woke up this morning feeling all kinds of heeby geebies.  Sometime early this morning, I think I felt something on my arm.  I'm not sure if I actually felt something, or if I dreamed I did.  What I know is that whether in real life or in my dream the "something" made a little crunch when I bent my arm.  And I now have a red spot on my arm where the maybe real or maybe not real thing was.  I have a really strong suspicion I had a bug on me... and it bit me... in real life.  UGH!

To be honest... I think I'm starting to get a little too competitively minded at Peanut's volleyball games.  While I'm very supportive and proud of Peanut when she plays - I really don't like seeing her team lose.  I have to come up with a way to nip my attitude in the rear - or I'm going to end up with a very unhappy preteen who will ban me from going to her games.  I just can't help myself, though.  I get frustrated.  I let out a few too many loud sighs.  But, I cheer them on and clap.  I'm just going to have to go to the games and repeat "They are just kids.  They are just kids."  Maybe that will help stop me from releasing my competitive demons.

To be honest... I was so angry when I walked in to Dollar General and Wal-Mart this weekend and already saw Christmas stuff.  The flames from the torturous summer are out but still smoldering, and there's already Christmas trees and decorations appearing in the stores.  Really? I'm all for some Fall stuff... but I hate it when a season is completely jumped and we go straight from summer to winter.  What happened to the good old days when the day after Halloween people could enter their local stores and be bombarded with Christmas stuff?  That was OK with me.  I actually looked forward to that.  By Halloween, Fall has sunk in and I'm ready to start thinking about Christmas.  But it's so sad when I haven't seen a single Halloween costume yet, but I've already read too many "Merry Christmas" signs.  I may use this frustrating scenario as a great sequencing lesson for my students.  We can talk about the order that stores should display certain seasonal items to the way they do display them. 

To be honest... Even though I'm disgusted with how early stores are decking the halls, I have to admit that I have started thinking about Christmas.  Just this week, though, and before seeing the decorations.  I had a conversation with Hubby about some ideas I was having about presents.  I could tell from his reaction that he felt the same way about my conversation as I did walking in to Dollar General and Wal-Mart this weekend.  But, in my opinion, it's never to early to start planning ahead.  With a brand new car on our budget list, I can't wait until the last minute to think about this stuff.  And yes, I totally understand how hypocritical that is after my rant about the decorations. 

To be honest... I've felt so happy about the comments that have started to reappear on my blog.  It's probably sad to think that seeing I have comments on my blog is one of my biggest highlights of the day.  But, I can have lots of highlights.  I get all giddy and excited when I see that someone, somewhere has taken a couple minutes of their day to write a short comment on one of my posts.  It's the small delights, people!  I think it's important to relish in those small delights.

To be honest... Am I the only one that's getting really bored with Facebook?  I get on there each day to see what everyone is up to, and I can't stand wading through post after post of cutzy funny photos and inspirational quotes and political propaganda.  I just want to go back to the days when I could scroll through my feed and actually see what people have been up to.  It's starting to turn in to the same reason I ditched visiting Twitter.  Twitter has become hardly anything more than giveaways, coupons, and links.  I remember when I could get on Twitter and actually have conversations with people.  Not so much anymore.  And now Facebook is following suit.  Now that I'm so busy, I would just like to be able to visit Facebook and feel like I can still keep up with stuff that's happening in my friends' and families' lives.  And I know that I could always just pick up the phone or write an email... but, I kinda thought that was the point for social media.  Am I totally wrong thinking that?

To be honest... I don't ever want to get a sunburn that causes me to peel again.  Last weekend, while camping, I got burned on my chest and left arm.  And now I'm peeling which has caused me to look like I have some kind of serious skin condition.  What makes it worse is that I can't help myself from peeling the skin off.  I know, that's gross and you don't want to hear it - but it's true!  I understand I'm supposed to leave it alone so that it can heal - but I just can't help it.  I do it without even thinking about it.  And now I've realized that I've probably made it ten times worse - and I look ten times worse - because of it.  I guess I'll think a little more before spending 6 hours in the sun next time.

To be honest... I'm really enjoying writing this week's installment of Truthful Tuesday, but I really need to think about wrapping up so that I have a few minutes to read some blogs.  It's my goal this week to have at least 20 minutes each morning to read a couple of blogs.  I'm trying new time management techniques that may or may not work... but I'm going to give them a shot. 

So with that in mind...


  1. I've disliked most of the businesses I liked on Facebook because I was tried of them taking over my feed. I'm finding that a lot of friends have really stopped posting on FB, though. It kind of depresses me that I'm the person who obsessively posts. I need to go cold-turkey and lay off of FB for a while. And chocolate.

  2. Joanna, being the mean teacher is the worst feeling! I am with you on that one. I felt that yesterday when I realized I have been too soft already and had to come down yesterday. Hold strong because it will be worth it in the end! (And I have to tell myself the same thing!)


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