Sunday, September 02, 2012

Ready for Some Labor Day Fun!

It's been somewhat of a stressful past twenty four hours.  First, there was all the hoopla over my new blog.  I've noticed that there has been over 200 hits to my old blog address, but hardly any of them came here to the new address.  That gets me a little worried.  I sure hope I haven't scared everyone off.

Then, Hubby had the hugest ordeal trying to find a used tire for his truck...which he HAS to have on Tuesday so that he can pick the kids up from school while I go to a meeting.  His truck is older - but it also has huge, racing type tires.  They are really hard to find.  And dang near impossible when we actually need to find one.  So, he had to settle for buying a brand new tire.  Which stinks - because the truck hardly ever gets used.  But, oh well. 

That would have all been fine and dandy IF the AC didn't decide to go out on us Friday night.  Hubby realized there was something wrong, went to take a look at it, and discovered the blower wasn't blowing.  So, on his hunt for a tire, he was also out hunting for the part to the AC that needed to be replaced.  And guess what?  AC shops celebrate Labor day all weekend long...and every single one of the stores he visited was closed until Tuesday.  G-r-e-a-t.

Thankfully, a nice guy at Lowe's gave Hubby some advice on how he could fix the AC - or at least get it running until we could replace the part.  Thank you Lowe's for hiring such knowledgeable, caring sales associates!  So, Hubby was able to come home and get the AC up and running again... just in time for two days worth of temps in the upper 90s.  Phew!

After all that pa lava was over with, I decided to go and play some bingo with my mom.  Neither of us won, and I didn't care.  It wasn't about the winning, but just getting a few hours to catch up, spend some time together, and destress.  And I did exactly that.  Although, I wasn't really the one that needed to destress - Hubby has been the one carrying all the burden on his shoulders.  And no matter how much I try and take some of the strain - he insists he's "got it" and just walks around all moody. 

Today, I'm not letting anything bring me down.  The whole family is off for a day of swimming, food, and fun at P-Momma's house.  Man, I love going over there.  It's a time that the whole family can enjoy ourselves.  She always makes our visit seem more like a vacation than a trip to see a great friend.  The kids keep themselves busy in the pool, playing board games, or playing the Wii while the adults all sit around and chat.  And, holy moly, the food!  P-Momma sure does know how to cook - and she always puts on the most fantastic of spreads.  Sweet Paradise, I tell ya.

I just want one day where I don't have to worry about anything breaking, something needing to be replaced, talking about bills and money, or anything else responsible adult related.  I deserve a day to have some fun, let my hair down, and bask in the pleasure of having all of my family around me enjoying themselves. 

And the best part is that I still get a full day, tomorrow, to relax!


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