Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday's Letters

Another week has zoomed by in the blink of an eye.  After dipping in to my own personal mail bag, yesterday, it's fitting that I get to create my own letters today!  

Dear Weatherman... OK, so I was pretty hard on you this time last month.  And the month before that.  But, it seems that you're finally pulling through and delivering some much more tolerable news about our current weather.  I can handle temps in the 80s.  I don't sweat like a pig, I don't get grumpy, and I don't feel like I have to strip off my clothes the minute I walk through the door.  Well, OK, that's not true.  I love getting in to my jammies the minute I walk through the door.  I am even thrilled that I get to wake up in the morning and feel a little chilly.  The temps have been cold enough at night that the AC isn't running constantly, and I now need my blanket.  HALLELUJAH!  Keep that kind of news coming, buddy!

Dear Sweet Students of Mine... You have no idea how nervous I am about having a sub in my room for the very first time today.  I want nothing more than for someone else to come in my room and see what a great, smart, responsible bunch of kiddos you are.  I want you all to realize that the time I've spent working with you to be so well behaved and responsible isn't just for when I'm in the room - but for when anyone is in the room.  I want nothing more than to get back to the school late this afternoon and discover a magnificent note written by the sub telling me how much of a pleasure it was to be with you all today.  Make that happen for me, m'kay?  No students of mine will have the mentality of "when the teacher is away..." when there is a sub in the room.  Because the teacher will return on Monday, and bring utter wrath with her.  Of course, I fully expect to bring nothing but joy, happiness, and pride with me instead.

Dear House... Get ready, cause a major smackdown is coming your way this weekend.  I've worked hard all week to make sure that you will get my undivided attention tomorrow.  There will be scrubbing.  There will be dusting.  There will be vacuuming.  There will be sweeping and mopping.  There will be trash bags full of junk hauled out of here.  And there will be clutter removed from every nook and cranny of this house.  I'm sick and tired of coming home to nothing but a mess.  And once it's clean, it better stay that way!

Dear Peanut, Butter, and Jelly... I have just given notice to the house of the major cleaning that will be coming it's way this weekend.  I understand that Butter won't be here - but he will return on Sunday after the cleaning is done.  I'm writing to you to warn you that once I've spent however many hours getting this house to the standard it should be - you all BETTER keep it that way.  Your father and I don't ask too much of you.  Peanut and Butter, we ask that you take it in turns to clean the dishes each night.  Jelly, we ask that you put your toys up when you're finished playing with them BACK where you found them.  We ask that you all keep your rooms clean and your laundry/dirty clothes put up.  After spending 8-12 hours at work each day/night, your father and I think those are pretty mild expectations.  We work hard so that you have the nice things you have.  I sacrifice my free time so that you can participate in sports and church activities.  The least you all can do is help us out a little by cleaning up after yourself. Remember, what is given can also be taken away.  So, if you enjoy the computer, TVs in your room, the freedom to play outside, and that new cell phone (Peanut) then start showing a little appreciation for it all.. k?

Dear Fall... I can feel you trying to push through summer's fury to get to us.  I'm pulling for you.  Don't stop fighting!  There's no reason you can't show up a few weeks earlier than expected - I won't mind one bit.  I just looked to Weather Man to see what our temps are going to be like for the week - and every single day we barely make it in to the 80s.  OH YEAH!  You keep working hard.  I'm so ready to start buying fall themed coffee creamers, wearing fall clothes, and celebrating the ability to breath outside without the air feeling heavier than I am.

Dear Followers Who Commented or Emailed Me Yesterday... THANK YOU!  I was overwhelmed and overjoyed to receive so much support and encouragement.  Many of you were surprised that I had received such negativity about my decision to change my blog.  While I very much appreciate your support, I have to defend the haters by telling you that I ask for sometimes I just have to be careful what I wish for.  One thing all of your messages expressed was the support of my blog being MY blog.  There are going to be lots of times when what I have to say isn't going to be funny or witty.  There are times when what I say isn't going to be that interesting.  And hopefully there will be times where I can make you all laugh out loud, comment up a storm, and enjoy spending your time here.  But, one thing I do know is that whether I have 1000 followers or zero followers, I will keep writing.  About whatever pops in to this hole in the top of my head.

Dear Time... Is it at all possible that you slow down just a little?  My days have gone by so quickly, lately, that I can't even think straight.  My life seems to be turning in to a blur.  I wake up at 4:30am to be able to write my blog, and the plan was that I'd have a little extra time to read my favorite blogs, read some status updates on Facebook, and relax in my quiet time.  But, before I know it, it's 6am by the time I finish my blog - and all the extra stuff doesn't get done.  Then, I rush off to work, come home around 7pm, and fall asleep before 9pm.  Rinse and Repeat.  While I really can't complain about my fast paced lifestyle - it's what I asked for - I would just like a little extra time to do some of the things I enjoy most... like reading blogs.  I am going to darn well make sure that my house cleaning extravaganza doesn't interfere with a little down time this weekend while I catch up on some reading.  So, Time, take a little break... you're working much too hard to be going by so quickly!

Dear Closet... I hear you calling me and reminding me that it's time to get ready for work.  Maybe you can read the letter I just wrote to Time.  I'm not even finished with writing my blog and it's already 6am.  I'll get to you when I'm ready.  I still have half a cup of coffee to drink - and I'm not about to waste it.  I don't technically have to be at work until 8:30 this morning, thanks to the day-long professional development I'm doing... so relax.  I'll come dig through you in a minute.  Geez.

Dear Me... You better get to proofreading what you've wrote and call it a day.  You might not technically have to be at work until 8:30, but your kids have to be at school by 7:30.  Gulp down your coffee and get to getting.

OK, OK, I'm going...


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