Monday, October 22, 2012

Nothing Like a New Do

Being impulsive isn't really a way I would ever describe myself.  Don't get me wrong, my life is full of impulsive moments.  If I want to change a lesson from what's written in my lesson plan book, I will.  If I decide to buy something that's not on my shopping list, I will.  If I suddenly decide I want to spend the day out doing something fun - that can happen, too. 

OK, so I guess I have impulsive tendencies.  Which is probably why I decided, out of the blue, to go and get a hair cut yesterday.  It was actually Peanut's idea.  I was complaining explaining that I had finished all of my work for the day and didn't know what to do.  She made the suggestion that I could take her for a haircut.  She's been on at me for a while now about wanting a trim and her bangs shaped and get layers put in to her hair.  That's when I decided it was about time I got a haircut for myself.

This would normally be the time that I show you a pic of the new do.  But, I don't have one to share - yet.  You see, the salon wanted to charge me extra to fix my hair after it was cut.  And being the thrifty gal that I'm trying to be, I decided to just go with the cut and hope for the best this morning.  Not only that, but I got bangs cut... like real bangs.  And because I've never really had bangs before, the stylist told me to wear a bobby pin in my hair for the rest of the day and night to help "train" my bangs to stay to one side.  Another impulsive move on my part. 

I've tried to have bangs many times before.  But, every time I got them cut, the stylist cut them one side or the other.  I have a natural part right down the center of my head.  Cutting bangs to fit a side part just never worked.  I ended up walking around looking like Justin Bieber and his famous head shake when he tried to get his own hair out of his eyes.  The stylist yesterday informed me that because I have a natural part down the middle, my bangs needed to be cut the same length and then "trained" to stay one side or the other depending on how I wanted to fix it.  Fingers crossed she was right, I suppose.

My hair is short, again.  Which is a big difference to what it was.  It was getting pretty long, and I'm not a fan of long hair.  Once my hair reaches the length it can be put in to a pony tail, that's where it will stay.  So, I deliberately try and keep it at a length that's too short to go in to a pony tail.  To the dismay of Hubby, who prefers me with longer hair.  But, he dyes his hair pink!  He can get over it just like he's had to for the past 8 years.

Alright, so a new hair cut isn't really the most exciting way to start off a new work week... but it's what I've got for today.  It's better than what I've written the past two Mondays.  And that's because I haven't written on here for the past two Mondays.

Busy, busy day ahead of me today.  I have a lot to get ready before parent/teacher conferences tomorrow evening.  But, I'm excited about it.  And I'm also excited about my short week.  Only three and a half days to work this week.  YAY!!


  1. I love getting a new haircut to feel refreshed and updated! So happy to hear you love it! My last hair-do ended in disaster because the stylist ignored what I said.

    1. Well, it's not exactly what I asked for.. but I'm finding that I like it nonetheless. I feel very "teachery".. LOL


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