Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

I haven't done this in a long time.  It's not my idea.  Along time ago, I stole borrowed this fun little Thursday activity from my buddy, Drazil.  I do that a lot, because one day I want to be a writer as funny and talented as she is.  That's why I steal borrow all of her ideas.  HA!

1.  I complain about Facebook a lot, yet I just can't seem to even fathom the idea of just letting it go.  I received a great comment on my post, yesterday, about how happy the commenter was about giving up on Facebook.  The thought of myself deleting my Facebook page entered my mind for 3.2 seconds before the idea was gone.  Why do we hold on to things that bother us so much?  Beats me.  But, I just can't do it.

2.  To go right along with the Facebook complaining, I have to mention the ignorance I witnessed last night.  Someone made the post that said something along the lines of "I'm a Romney fan, but why can't I say that and not be harassed and insulted on my opinion?  I have the right to vote for whichever candidate I feel like voting for without being insulted for it."  I was going to comment about how I'd written a blog post that went right along those lines... until I read some of the person's further comments.  Other people had commented, but one person had posted something about supporting Obama and feeling the same way.  That same person who had written the original comment posted something along the lines of "Obama supporters will be the death of this country".  No, dear.  Close minded, hypocritical people like you will be the death of our country.  Geez!

3.  The copier went out at work on Tuesday.  Teachers without a copier is like a bird without a branch to land on.  Until I wasn't able to copy something, I realized how heavily I rely on a copy machine.  I had to rewrite my reading plans for yesterday, because I hadn't already made the copies I needed for the day.  The take-away lesson I should have gotten from that is to always plan ahead and make the necessary copies at the beginning of the week.  What did I end up taking away from it?  I prefer the lessons I write on the spot - and so do the kids - much better.  We spent 90 minutes reading, talking, and digging deep in to some of the stuff we've been covering.  Great stuff, right there!

4.  Do you realize the we are only 5 weeks away from Thanksgiving?  That means we're only 9 and 1/2 weeks away from Christmas!  This paycheck I'm going to start my Christmas shopping.  Maybe.  Probably.  As much as I love Christmas, it's getting harder and harder to buy for my kids each year.  My kids are cursed with a mother who HATES buying clothes for Christmas.  What kids like opening clothes for Christmas?  Apparently mine - who have asked for clothes.  Does that mean I haven't provided them with the necessary clothes they need or does that mean that they are so spoiled they have nothing else to ask for?  Either way, it's not good.  I like to think that it's neither and my kids just want to give my checking account a break and ask for simple stuff.  Yeah.  That has to be it.

5.  So, with the cooler weather we've had the past couple of weeks, I've noticed that the plague of grasshoppers have disappeared.  Thank goodness!  But, I'd like to know where they went.  I mean, I know they probably got killed off - especially since we had a couple of days with temps down in to the 30s.  But, shouldn't I see thousands and thousands of grasshopper carcasses laying around my front yard?   How can that many grasshoppers just suddenly disappear without a trace?  Something to think about.

6.  Oh, and now that the grasshoppers are all gone, what's up with the sudden onset of hundreds of caterpillars everywhere?  I thought caterpillars came out in the spring to turn in to beautiful butterflies.  My front porch looks like Grand Central Station for caterpillars.  They are EVERYWHERE.  I know it doesn't help living right in the woods - but come on!  Oh, and the Daddy Long Legs that have taken up residence on my porch need to find a new home, too.  I really don't like having to sprint up on my porch and in the front door with the hopes that nothing crawled on me.

7.  Why is it so hard for a person that spends every morning writing random crap to come up with ten mini random crap paragraphs?

8.  Do you guys believe in doppelgangers?  I never did, until I started working in my new school.  Before I started there, Peanut was always called the "mini-me".  She looks just like me.  But, after our first week, people constantly asked her if she was the child of another new teacher who started working there this year.  Since that time, I've become very good friends with my look-alike and we have the strangest things in common.  We both met our significant others in the same way.  We have both gone through the same weight loss struggles (hers being a lot more successful than mine).  We both teach, and our significant others work for the same company.  We delivered our last child in the same hospital.  And the list can go on and on.  I'd post a picture of us both for you to see the resemblance, but I haven't asked her permission - so I won't.  But, I have to admit, it's pretty freaky.  Oh, and did I mention that she is the mother of Peanut's boyfriend?  

9.  I have to send out letters this week for my first class party.  It didn't hit me until yesterday how excited I am about doing it.  All of these firsts that I get to check off my list:  Parent/Teacher Conferences and Fall Party being two of them.  It's weird to me that these things are something I've been waiting years to do.  

10.  Phew.  Made it.  Without a minute to spare.  Now I remember why I had to stop writing Ten Things Thursday - because it was so dang hard.  And nobody pay attention to the fact that I've already pointed this out and technically this last item shouldn't count because I've already talked about it.




  1. I gave up facebook for a while and it was a really good thing for me. The best part was just getting off the computer...which since I'm home with the kids, the time I spend on the computer can get extensive. I know you don't have that problem. When I was not rolling through my newsfeed on a regular basis, I did sort of feel out of the loop and I was the last one to know a lot of stuff.

    I'm back on it & fine with it. The people that can annoy me: vague bookers, political ranters, braggers, self-portrait cell phone takers, (just to name a few) I make fun of the as much as possible with my friends & have turned them into a love to hate phenom!! hehe.

    PS - thanks for the teacher persepctive comment you left on my post the other day :)

    1. As much as I complain about it, I do get a funny kick out of FB and some of the ignorant commenters. I know that my 5-10 minutes a day that I get to look through what people have been up to is a part of me - and I'm just not ready to give that up. I'm sure once the election is over, people will find something else to gripe about - and for me to make fun of. It's good writing material, I suppose. LOL.

      Oh, and you're welcome. :)


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