Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The One Where I Tell You My Random, Triuthful Thoughts

To be honest... I feel like I totally wasted 3 hours of my life last night sitting through a new teacher professional development class.  It wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't at night, and I didn't have to drive an hour and a half home after it was all said and done.  Why do all new teacher classes focus on telling you what you should do to be a good teacher rather than provide answers to questions new teachers have?  I've been told a thousand times how important it is to stay organized, act professional, and stay on top of my expectations.  What I need to know is how I do all of that and still stay sane in the process.

To be honest... The headband I crocheted for myself on Sunday and wore to work yesterday was one of the most comfortable headbands I've ever worn in my life.  It didn't slip backwards, it kept my head warm, and it didn't cause me to sweat.  The only problem I had was that I felt a little childish wearing such a big flower on my head - especially when I wore it to the professional development class last night.  I think it looked cute, but what do I know about stuff like that?  Is it weird for 30 year old women to look cute?

To be honest... I want to scream from the top of the world that I aced both of my evaluations that I've had the past week.  I had one last week from my principal, and one yesterday from my assistant principal.  Both had such nice things to say about my teaching style and the lessons I've created for my kiddos.  I'm not one to have a big head about stuff like this, but it sure is nice to get some positive feedback that I'm doing my job correctly.  Not just correctly but above and beyond.  It rests my stress and gives me that extra jolt of excitement and determination about what I do.

To be honest... Who am I kidding?  I totally LOVE having a big head about being complemented.  Especially about my job performance.  HA!

To be honest... I can't believe there's only 3 weeks until Thanksgiving.  Unfortunately for me, I don't get paid for three weeks so it will be a mad dash to the grocery store the day before Thanksgiving hoping that I can get everything I need to make a killer Thanksgiving dinner.  I may have to think about charging Thanksgiving dinner a week early, and then just paying it off as soon as I get paid.  Charging Thanksgiving dinner on a credit card is perfectly normal, right?

To be honest... I'm kinda looking forward to getting to wear sweats to work tomorrow.  And that's because I came up with a Halloween costume that allows for me and my two cohorts to wear sweats and t-shirts to work.  We're going as the Three Blind Mice.  Brown sweats, brown t-shirt, brown shoes, brown pantyhose tail... that's Halloween creativity at it's finest.  Oh, let's not forget the brown sunglasses and brown construction paper ears.  Total cost for said Halloween costume?  $2.00.  Total time to get ready?  5 minutes.  Ability to be comfortable on Halloween?  Priceless.

To be honest... I don't get why people feel the urge to post fake pictures about natural disasters on social media sites.  Last night, while totally paying attention to my class (not), I was thumbing through my Facebook page.  I counted about 5 pictures that were supposedly showing the devastation of Hurricane Sandy.  When I got home, I saw an article outing those pictures as totally fake - and even showing where the original photos came from.  Don't people get that there are people that live thousands of miles away from the Hurricane but still have family or friends there?  Is it some kind of sick joke to get people all worried and scared?  I just don't get it.   I have to hand it to our local radio station, though, for outing some of those idiots.  I saw this picture posted with the caption that said:  It has been confirmed that this picture of Hurricane Sandy is a FAKE!  It's not funny to joke about natural disasters, but I don't see a problem with poking some fun at stupid people that feel the need to post fake pictures.

To be honest... I really feel like this next weekend would be a great time to bring out the ol' "Santa won't bring you new toys if you have so many old toys" routine in order to get Jelly to get rid of some of her junk.  I even set the tone this past weekend, when I let Jelly email Santa to tell him what she wanted - and he emailed her back.  That means it's fresh on her mind that Santa is watching and deciding what she should get.  To anyone that thinks telling kids about Santa is lying to them, I say BLAH!  It's bad enough that the Jolly Old Guy gets all the credit for my hard work on Christmas morning, it's only right that I make him out to be the reason my child declutters.  Just telling her that it's time she got rid of some of her toys because she's outgrown them just doesn't cut it like an old fashioned "Santa won't bring you anything" story.

To be honest... I should really go get myself in to the shower.  Who wants to bet that my kiddos are a little on the crazy side today?  Yeah, I don't blame ya... that's just a losing bet if I ever saw one.  I watched that full moon while I drove home last night... I know what's coming my way.  A good soak in a hot shower is such a great way to prepare for that.



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  1. Well done on the evaluations! It sounds like you are kicking ass lady! You rock!


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