Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Just Another Truthful Tuesday

To be honest... I'm equally split between being excited and nervous for parent/teacher conferences tonight.  And I think that's weird.  The feeling excited part.  I'm pretty sure any teachers that have had to work from 7:30am until 8pm at night would probably want to stab me in the eye with a blunt pencil after reading that statement.  But, I really am looking forward to meeting the parents of the kids in my class.  I just really hope they show up, because sitting around for 4 hours won't be fun at all.

To be honest... I am completely puzzled by a phone call I received from my mom on Sunday.  For the past several weeks we haven't spoken because of the whole mess over a kiddie fishing pole.  Call me stubborn, but I have been waiting for an apology - or something.  At the very least a "hey, this whole mess is stupid, let's just forget it shall we?"  I don't think my mom knows my true feelings behind why I was so upset - and probably still doesn't - but that's neither here nor there.  She actually called me on Sunday.  I was shocked when I saw that it was her calling.  My first instinct was that something terrible had happened.  I answered the phone and she asked me a question about her air conditioner.  What the what?  She spoke to me like nothing had ever happened.  Just a quick, friendly call to ask a simple question.  She asked her question, I answered her - in the same way she was speaking to me (friendly and polite) - and that was it.  Phone call over.  I was left wondering what the heck had just happened, was our fight over?  I'm still not sure and have no idea how to move forward with this.

To be honest... I have missed talking to my mom.  I don't like fighting with her - or anyone.  The situation was stupid and no reason to fight, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm hurt and very upset over what happened.  I now feel like nothing will ever come of it and it will just be swept under the rug never to be spoken of again.

To be honest... I can't believe I waited so long to hook up a big monitor to my laptop. Yeah, I'm completely switching gears and changing subjects.  That's how I roll, people!  Anywho, for well over a year, the screen on my laptop has been going out.  The picture shakes up and down and gets staticy.  It was literally a pain in the head to work for very long on the thing - which I had to suck up because I've been spending hours and hours working on my laptop on the weekend.  Hubby finally convinced me to hook up a monitor to my laptop in order to protect my eyes.  It's not like I use my laptop as a laptop.  It's sat on my desk for as long as I can remember.  It's no longer mobile because the battery is shot.  And now I can work without getting an eye strain or screaming at my monitor anymore.  Now, if I can just save up enough pennies to buy a new laptop.  Yeah, that won't happen anytime soon.

To be honest... I got around to taking a picture of my new hair cut so that I can share it with you, but I'll warn you ahead of time that it's not the best picture in the world.  The front facing camera on my iPhone stinks in low light.  The picture also makes me look like I have a mustache - which I do NOT.  But, the point of the picture is to show off my haircut - and the picture does do a good job of that.  I didn't really like it at first when it came to trying to fix it, because it was a little too "bob" for my liking - but I have to admit that it's growing on me.  The bangs are definitely something I like.  For the first time in.. well, ever... the stylist was able to give me real bangs.

To be honest... I was a total grouch at work yesterday.  I'm not really sure why.  My patience had a short fuse and it just seemed like one of those days that no matter how I explained the simplest of tasks, the kids didn't get it.  After the wonderful and delightful week I had last week, I expected this week to be even better - especially since it's a short week and we're not doing a whole lot of new stuff.  I had a formal evaluation from my principal, and that went really well.  Thank goodness.  She managed to get in and watch me teach before my fuse got lit.  Today, I'm going to try and be really happy-go-lucky.

To be honest... I should probably get around to digging through my closet to find something professional looking to wear.  It's supposed to be Hawaiian day at school - for Red Ribbon Week.  I don't own any Hawaiian wear, and anything I do own that would work doesn't really fit with the "dress professional for conferences" mentality.  So, time to dig.



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