Friday, February 18, 2011

A Day Full of Surprises

Last night, while on Twitter, I saw a post about a funny search phrase that had led a person to a blog.  I decided it had been a while since I checked my blog stats, so I thought I'd have a look at the funny phrases that had led people to the Mad, Fat House.

In case you're wondering what I'm talking about - blog stats are something that bloggers use to see the amount of traffic that comes to the site.  The stats show search engines that contain and direct people, search phrases that people used to find the blog, and also the amount of people that visit the site and the country they are from.  It's pretty cool information.

So, I'm moseying through my stats noticing that people have found me by searching for "bigger than California King" and "dancers silhouette pictures"....cause you know, that's what I'm all about right here!!  I'm having a little chuckle to myself and then I notice something....

There is a list of websites that people have used to come and visit my blog.  Usually that list features the blogs of my followers or Google...but yesterday, those sites are not at the top of my list, another site is.  The site is

Shape is a fitness/health magazine.  I've heard of it, I've seen it in stores - but have no idea why would be my #1 referral site this week.  How were people finding me at  So, I clicked the referral site link and see:  Get Motivated! Top 8 Sites for Fitness Inspiration.  I scroll down the page, and to my utter shock, amazement, and excitement I see that my blog is listed as #7 with a little blurb about me and the blog.

I couldn't believe it.  I hadn't been contacted by  I didn't recognize the name of the author of the story.  I have absolutely no idea how they found my blog - but I was HAPPY.  Having that kind of recognition is a HUGE deal to me.  It's like I had won some kind of award - and yes, I love attention...can't help it.

Even though this was a very exciting moment of the day - it actually, wasn't my only one. 

While I was in class, earlier in the day, I found out that I had one a set of Eat Smart Digital Scales from The Sisterhood's weekly drawing.  Every week for the past 6 or 7 weeks, I've logged my weight on weigh-in day for the Power of One Challenge and hoped that I would be the lucky one to win those scales.  Finally, the waiting paid off - and soon, I will be the owner of some new, fancy scales. 

So, as you can see, I had quite the eventful and exciting day yesterday. 

Today, it's back to work for me.  Then after work, off to the gym.  I didn't like not being able to work out yesterday, but I did kind of like the break.  Hopefully, when I get home, my BodyBugg will be waiting for me.  It's scheduled to be delivered today - which is great - because it, then, gives me the full weekend to mess with it and get used to it. 

I am now (once my BodyBugg and scales arrive) fully equipped with everything I need to get results: Gym membership, personal training advice, BodyBugg, and new scales to measure my progress each week. YAY!!

How is everyone today?
For you new followers - yes, I know you're there - please say hi, I love to get to know the people that are following me.

Till next time. ;)
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  1. HOORAY GIRL, THAT'S AWESOME!! It's a good thing you looked at your stats!!!! What an awesome day for you!!! I love when things like that happen, it's reason to keep going!!


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