Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday & No Regrets Challenge

What a morning.  I woke up this morning to not see the 2-4" of snowfall that was projected to fall last night... but 2 FEET of snow.  Yes, the most snow I have EVER seen.  It is still falling at a historical rate - about 2-4" an hour.  So, it appears that I will be, literally, snowed in for the rest of the week.

That's OK - I'm ready to break out my work-out DVDs and spend the rest of this week really focusing on next week's weigh-in...more about that in a second.

First, let's get the weekly weigh-in out of the way for the Power of One Challenge.

Challenge starting weight:  227lbs
Previous week weight:  219.6lbs
Weight this week:         219lbs (-0.6lbs)
Total percentage of weight loss:  3.5%

I'm happy to see a loss... another 0.6.  I have something with losing 0.6lbs, I guess. 

Now, it's time to get to the challenge that I'm starting for this week.... Operation: No Regrets.

How many of us stand on the scale each week and think about how much we could have done differently to see a better number?  I know I do.  Every week, I stand on the scale and think "well, if I hadn't of skipped that work-out (or 3)" or "if I hadn't of eaten that instead of this" - then the number I'd see would be smaller.

How would you like to stand on the scale next week and KNOW that you did absolutely everything in your power to give it your kept every work-out, you ate everything you'd planned to eat, you drank water....everything?

Well, that's exactly what this challenge is all about.  Yesterday, I asked you to leave a comment if you were interested and a couple of goals that you'd like to achieve.  I managed to get a few people to participate - and I'm so excited. 

What I'd like for you to do today is go blog about the challenge - on your blog - and put your starting weight (as of today) and line out the goals that will give you that full sense of satisfaction when you step on the scale next week that you gave it everything you could. 

Then, each day, drop by here and leave a little update on how each day is going - share your victories or maybe ask for a little support.  I know I'm going to need some help - and I want this to be a team effort.

These are my goals for this challenge:
  • Work out each day - mixture of cardio and strength
  • Stick to my meal plan - 3 meals, 1 or 2 snacks
  • Drink 60ozs of water EVERY day
That's it.  Those three little things will make me feel like I've absolutely dedicated myself to giving it my all next week when I step on the scales.

Now it's your turn - post your blog post down in the comments.  I wanted to do one of those Linky things - but I think I'm just going to keep checking posts today...and I will read all of the blog posts... I promise.

Also, being that I'm in for another couple of snow days - I'm starting my new blog TODAY.  I will post a link to it tomorrow, and a short description of what it's going to be and why I'm doing it.

Everyone have a great day.  ;)  NO REGRETS!!

Till next time. ;)


  1. It's funny, I wrote my blog before I read yours but I did sort of lay out my goals. I like the way you worded it though: will I be able to say I gave it everything? When I started the Power of One challenge I PURPOSEFULLY set my goals "easy" so it is really hard to disappoint myself! So sad, I know. I also have lots of things, like everyone, that are just hard to count - lunches out, baby showers, etc. So, anyway, I just hope I'm not being too easy on myself. I have a long way to go and don't want to burn out before I get there.

  2. consider it done!

    i have joined your challenge!!

  3. You can do this! Taking these baby steps will help you reach your bigger goals.

  4. i need to print off that 100 pushup thing.

    for our 4 mile relay i'm turning in the time for our team minus you. if you'll just fill out the form for you & note that me, kirsten, & adah are your teammates


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