Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Weigh to Go Wednesday

Power of One Challenge

It's Wednesday.  Hump Day.  Middle of the week.  And the weigh in day for the Power of One Challenge.

Yesterday, my area got SLAMMED with a winter storm.  We went from 70 degree weather on Saturday to 8" of snow and 1/2" of ice that fell yesterday and a temperature of 6 degrees this morning.  OUCH!

I was off work yesterday, I'm off work today, and who knows when I'll be going back to work - cause this stuff isn't going anywhere any time soon.

I am so proud to report that regardless of the weather, yesterday, I still did my Yoga.  I did it Monday - and I'm doing it again here in a few minutes.  I have also been drinking plenty of water since Monday - so I'm making progress there, too.  This morning, our water pipes were frozen.  Not sure how quickly we're going to be able to defrost the water drinking will have to be put on hold today.  :(

Being that there's 8" of snow on the ground - I can't  won't be going on my run today.  I have decided, however, that I have a ton of work-out DVDs that are collecting it's time to do some dust removing.

Power of One Challenge

Before I go on with anything else, let's get to today's weigh in:

Beginning weight:  227lbs
Last week's weight:  220.2lbs
This week's weight:  219.6lbs
Total percentage of weight loss to date:  3.26% 

I lost 0.6lbs.  Am I happy? Not really.  I kind of hoped for a bigger number, being that I've been working so hard this week.  On the other hand, yesterday was my birthday.  I didn't have cake - but I did have 2 dinner rolls with my dinner...and I ate pretty late.  At the end of the day, a loss is a loss - so I'm going to suck it up and move on.

So, with a snow day comes a lot of trying to find things to keep me occupied.  I really don't like being stuck at home - it bothers the crap out of me.  I decided to start a new mini-project...learning how to redesign my blog.

As you can see, I've made very little progress...but it's starting to look a little better, don't you think?  I actually thought about converting everything over to WordPress, cause Hubby said it would be easier to customize my blog over there.  Well, it's not - to me, anyway - so I'm staying right here at Blogger.

If you happened to see my blog yesterday, when I had crazy avatar me dancing around at the top of the screen - I'm working on getting her back.  The header I have now is still a work in progress.  Yesterday, the avatar me was dancing around, acting all crazy, while drinking her cup of coffee.  Today, it's my goal to get her dancing again in my header...she made me smile.

You will also notice that I now have a signature.  Nothing fancy, yet, again - still a work in progress.  It's all keeping me busy, and I like that.  I'm learning a lot of new, cool stuff - and realizing that it's totally possible to create a really cool looking blog without it costing me a penny. 

Before I continue learning how to become a blog designer - I must get some homework finished. 

What are you up to today?
Did any of you get hit by the crazy winter storm, and if so what are you doing to stay occupied?

Till next time.  ;)



  1. stay safe and warm! hope you get those pipes thawed soon.

    and yes - a loss is a loss. and a loss on your birthday week means you're fantabulous!!

  2. Hey, take that loss! And be proud. You're doing great - you're almost at 10 pounds for this challenge. Go, girl! You can do it!

  3. I love changing my blog around. I learned a lot when I used myspace, but I have a harder time on blogger. Oh well.. makes it more fun when I figure stuff out. lol Congrats on your loss!

  4. Love the new setup!

    We had a good sized storm too - but more ice than snow where I'm at. I'm working on business stuff - getting my business blog ready and also getting (gulp) tax crap ready for our two businesses for the past year (daycare and our internet retail store).

    Goodbye, Fat Girl!

  5. PS - I've got a call out on the hood and my blog to get 2 more team members for our 4 mile relay. If you get anyone else let me know!

  6. Ice here. I've been Just Dance - ing on Wii :) but I'm supposed to be grading papers online! Good job on over 3% lost already :)

  7. Congrats on the loss especially during you birthday week! Happy Belated Birthday and I hope those pipes unfreeze soon as well!


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