Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Fuse Has Been Lit!

Usually, I dislike Valentine's Day very much.  Candy, cookies, and chocolates everywhere you turn.  Thankfully, for me, it's a holiday neither I or Hubby observe.  Now that I'm teaching, however?  It's like walking in to one big cloud of sugar.

I was so nervous going to work yesterday morning.  Could I be strong?  Could I overcome temptation?  Could I pass up the cupcakes and cookies and chocolate that was going to be provided in the break room and in the classrooms and in the parties? 

Yesterday, I earned my 7 Day Chip.  I was so proud of myself to see my chip on Brad's blog.  I felt that I had really earned it - a whole week, for me, is a long time to make perfect food choices.  Day 8 just had to be Valentine's Day - didn't it?

Well, I got to work.  First obstacle?  Coffee and cookies provided for my grade's teachers.  Coffee for me? Yes, please.  Cookie?  Urm, no - I'll pass.  Then the kids started to arrive with their "goodies".  The whole class made little Valentine's bags to store all the "loot".  I, also, made one and the kids put my gifts for me - they're so sweet - into my bag.  I ended up with a bag full of M&M's, Snickers, suckers, and Hershey Kisses *sigh*.  I passed on the cupcakes in the break room.  By the time the last bell rung for the day - I hadn't touched a single bad thing!

My candy made it home, safely, unscathed.  My kids were excited - the older two don't get Valentine's parties anymore.  I PASSED THE TEST!  I made it through my first Valentine's Day without giving in to temptation.... I DID IT!!

I didn't give in to the sweet temptation that V-Day brings, but I did give in to another form of temptation...

After work, yesterday, I met with my personal trainer friend at his new gym.  We spoke for a few minutes, and then he asked if I would take a tour of the gym.  I thought it couldn't hurt - so a sweet girl took me around.  The place is BEAUTIFUL.  I never thought I'd use that word to describe a gym - but it is, I can't help it.  The place is more like a resort. 

The locker rooms were gorgeous.  They have personal showers, complete with complimentary shampoo and conditioner.  The vanity area was stocked with complimentary hair products, blow dryers, straighteners, etc.  There was a sauna in the changing rooms.  The bathrooms were stocked with feminine products - complimentary *GASP*  I feel in love - and I hadn't even made it out to the gym floor, yet.

The sales girl showing me around was so friendly.  She gave me a demo to a lot of the equipment, introduced me to the wellness person - that gives free nutritional and body analysis testing to new clients.  She explained that the trainers and staff are 100% dedicated to helping with building goal plans...and for the first time, ever, I believed it.

The equipment was so "top of the line" that I hadn't even seen or heard of most of it....but I found myself wanting to try it all.  I was kicking myself for not taking work-out clothes and jumping in that very moment.

Needless to say, by the time I got back to my friend - I was ready to sign the dotted line.  I didn't even know how much it would cost - but I figured I had to at least try and make it work.  Didn't have to worry about that.  My friend told me to take a free 2 week pass (not just because I'm a friend...they do it for everyone) and try the place out.  Then, if I liked it, I could join.  There was no committment.  I could pay by the month.  Then I asked the monthly rate - didn't want to do something I'd fall in love with and then be blindsided by a fee that I couldn't afford.  He told me, my mouth hit the floor.  It was AFFORDABLE!!  Whaaaattt???

So, I am now pleased to announce that I am a trial member of Fuse Fitness.

I start today.  A little nervous, very excited.  I've never done anything like this before.  OK, well, I did Boot Camp last year... but now?  Now, this is permanent.  This is long-term.

No more getting up at 4am to try and fit in a work-out.  Now it's time to spend an hour EACH day in the gym.  I'm going to mix it up - cardio and strength - each day.  I am going to make myself step out of my comfort zone.  I may even try real Zumba classes and attend real Yoga classes... YAY!!!

If you're a gym member, I want to know what is your favorite piece of equipment?
How do you spend your time at the gym? Classes? Treadmill? Elliptical?

Till next time.  ;) 
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  1. You did it!!! Wonderful!

    I don't belong to a gym, but I have my very own elliptisuck that I've made my peace with.

  2. I belong to the local YMCA. When I joined last year they were in a run-down building but had what I needed.

    Since then they have built a new building and everything is state-of-the art. I absolutely LOVE it. My daughters are also members and we get discounted rates when they join things like soccer and T-Ball.

    My very favorite piece of equipment has been the elliptical. The first time I started on it I couldn't do more than 10 minutes on level 1. Now, I'm up to 30 minutes and I build myself up to doing my middle 10 minutes on it at level 8. I absolutely love it!

    After (or sometimes before) my time on the elliptical (or the treadmill - I will use that sometimes too), I do some strength training on the weight machines. One day I'll work on arms, the next I'll work on legs.

    I have grown to really love my time at the gym as it's MY time and I don't have any little people tugging at my pantlegs or knocking on the door asking me to come out, lol! It's my time for ME. It's wonderful.

    I can't wait to see how it goes!!

    Goodbye, Fat Girl!
    Fun Beyond Driven Chatter

  3. Congrats on both, making it through V Day and the gym. Sounds amazing.

  4. Congrats on everything! I hope you love the gym as much as I love mine. Joining a gym was one of the best things I've ever done :).

    I cheated yesterday, but I'm back on track today! Wooo. haha


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