Monday, February 28, 2011

Nervous, Excited....Ready.

This is it.  Today is my first day in Kindergarten. 

I have butterflies attacking the inside of my stomach.

For anyone that knows me, personally, they probably know why I have the butterflies.

Not because it's a new assignment.  Not because I'm nervous about being in a new classroom with a new mentor teacher.

Nope.  I'm nervous, because Kindergarten is the one place I'm unfamiliar with.  The place where I worry that my teaching style won't fit.  The place that makes me wonder if I'll do a good job - and that's a new feeling for me.

The only experience I've ever had with Kindergarten is when Peanut and Butter attended - several years ago.  I didn't go to Kindergarten when I was little - because they don't have it in England.

Things are different now, from what I hear.  The kids are writers and readers.  They don't spend the day traveling around to different play centers exploring and creating and...well...playing.  They spend the day learning - learning the things that my kids learned in 1st grade.

When I describe myself as a teacher, I use the word "firm".  I'm a tough cookie.  I like to have fun, but I like structure.  I expect order and discipline - but in a way that the kids can feel comfortable.  No disrespect is allowed, and the kids are given choices, independence, and the chance to work together.  My last placement really helped me build my classroom management style - and I managed to help focus a classroom full of students with "behavioral issues" into a classroom that behaves....not just because they have to - but because they want to.

Things will be different in Kindergarten.  I may not be able to give these students what I gave to my 2nd graders - but, I guess, that's a part of the learning process for me.  Maybe I will find that my way works.  Maybe I'll find that I totally love being there.

I'm not scared to admit that for as long as I can remember, I made one thing very clear - in my mind - I did NOT want to teach Kindergarten.  That wasn't fair.  Having no real experience in Kindergarten, I can't make that assumption.  Now is the time I get to see it for myself - and I'm ready.  Who knows?  I might fall in love with this age group and decide that it's where I want to be.  No promises, but I'm going to do what I've always done - be the best that I can be, try as hard as I can, and see what happens.

I know, I know - this is a personal post - and not weight lost related. 

BUT, I've heard that I will get a great work-out in by being a K teacher.  I will be on my feet all day.  I will be moving, constantly.  Maybe this opportunity does help with my weight loss.  Wouldn't that be fantastic? 

I, ultimately, started this journey because I didn't want to be a teacher that couldn't keep up with her students.  I didn't want to have difficulty being on my feet all day.  Maybe this is what I've been training for!!

I just realized that I should be doing my regular Monday "To-Do" post...but I will do it tomorrow.  Tomorrow is the first day of March - so there are a few things I want to put on my goal list for the month.

Hopefully, I will be out of this "personal" mood once the day is over.  Tomorrow, I will be back to my weight loss blogging self.

Everyone have a great Monday!!

Do you remember Kindergarten?
What was it like for you?  Maybe you remember your kids going, or they are there now - love to hear from you about it.

Till next time.  ;)
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  1. When I entertained the idea of going back to school for education last year (but chickened out - so proud of you for doing it!) my dream was to teach Kindergarten. My oldest is in Kindergarten right now and you're right. She has learned to read, has learned what a parallelogram and rhombus is (STILL not sure I remember what a rhombus is) and can tell time and count money. What's cool about Kindergarten is that there's still a great mix of learning and play in there. Once they hit 1st grade it's pretty much all learning and less play. ENJOY this. You are going to love it and I can't wait to hear some stories of what this kids do!!

    Goodbye, Fat Girl!
    Fun Beyond Driven Chatter

  2. When I went to kindergarten, there were morning and afternoon classes so we only went half a day. I really don't remember it though. My sister is a teacher (that hasn't found a job yet) and she says she doesn't want to teach kindergarten because many of the kids aren't used to a structured day and thinks it would be difficult at the beginning of the year because not only do you have to teach them, but you have to deal with separation issues and all that too. (How's that for a run on sentence?! haha)
    Good luck! I hope you have a great day! =)

  3. We went full days when I was in Kindergarten. We had naptime. Learned to count and our ABC's. We learned how to share and socially interact with others and we learned out how to color inside the lines :) I also remember learning to read, very simple and small books. And we were learning how to write. I remember getting an A++ in "sharing with others". I still have the "tickled pink" certificate my parents got that was a little foot with a pink feather and my name and what I got an A ++ for.


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