Tuesday, March 01, 2011

New Month, New Mantra

March is here.  Can you believe it?  We're already in to the third month of 2011.

This month is a crucial month for me.  I am already half way through my semester, and only 9 weeks away from my graduation! 

Even though I'm excited, this will be my hardest month.  I have so much that needs to be done: Senior project, interview portfolio, senior project presentation.....oh, and did I mention work-out and lose weight?

This month, my determination is going to be tested to the fullest.  I'm going to be tired, I'm going to be cranky, I'm going to be stressed - but I must not falter on the weight loss accomplishments I've received thus far.  I have to learn to incorporate the strength I built in February with my determination to succeed.

So, it's no surprise that my mantra for March is Determination

This past week has been tough.  I've only made it to the gym twice, and I haven't ran at all.  I let my stress get the best of me - and That. Can't. Happen.

I started off positively this morning by waking up at 3am.  Why would I wake up at such an ungodly hour, you ask?  Well, I have to find time to fit in working on my endless homework to-do list - and in a way that doesn't affect my work-out time.  If that means sacrificing an hour of sleep over the course of the next few days (or week) - so be it.

I have big plans for March.  Wanna know what they are?  OK then...
  • Finish C25K - I'm only on week 4 (yeah, still), but if I push hard I should be able to complete the program by the end of the month.
  • Win the Biggest Loser competition at work - the competition has been extended, and now ends March 22nd.  I have made good progress so far, but not enough.  I'm slightly behind the top loser right now - must get in as much as I can to take her at the finish line. :)
  • Start the Sisterhood's new challenge - more information about that tomorrow, when the challenge starts
  • Maintain working out in the gym 4 times a week and running 3 times a week
  • Manage my time wisely - this month is going to be rough, but with the proper amount of planning...I should be fine
So, that's it.  Weekly weigh-ins will remain on Wednesdays, mini goals will still be posted on Mondays.

Tomorrow afternoon, I have a meeting planned with a personal trainer.  My PT friend hooked me up, and I get to have one session to learn what I need to be doing to get optimal results.  Bob (PT friend) will still be my training consultant, and will still help me devise my work-out plans - but having an opportunity to have one kick ass work-out with a PT is super exciting!!

By the end of this month, I hope to be pounds away from Onederland.  If I keep up the momentum of losing 2lbs a week - I could be looking at a weight of 207 - 205lbs (depending on what the scale says tomorrow morning) by March 30th.  If I really apply myself and push that little bit harder, I could be closer than that.  That, in itself, is pure determination to do my absolute best this month.

So, bring it on March - I have determination on my side.  I will succeed!!

What would you like to accomplish in March?

Till next time. ;)
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  1. We're on the same wavelength because I addressed my goals for March in my blog post last night. I know you can achieve the goals you've set forth for yourself. It won't be easy, but what's worth it rarely is.

    Here are my goals: My Goals For March

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