Friday, March 11, 2011

Dear Scale,

I am just writing because I would like to know WHAT HAPPENED between us? 

We have had our ups and downs...but for the past month - we've really had some great times.  Then, without warning, rhyme, or reason you turn your back on me.

I'm not sure, but maybe you're a little jealous of BodyBugg.  Is that it?  Do you feel that you've been replaced or pushed down my friendship ladder because BodyBugg is with me all of the time?

You should know that I've always cared about your opinion - even though sometimes I pretend I don't.  What you have to say is important - my whole day and week often depends on what you have to say.

I don't like it that BodyBugg and you are fighting, also.  She tells me one thing, and lately you have counteracted everything she has to say.  WHY?

Don't you get it? When I bought BodyBugg, it was to help you and I both out.  She was there to guide me so that the conversations between you and I would be more meaningful, more celebratory...that we could really work on building a great relationship....get over the rocky feelings I had about you from the past.

You are not being much of a team player right now - and I don't like it.

So, as of today, I would like for you and BodyBugg to put your differences aside.  It's time to get on the same page.  I want you both working together as a team.  I need you both - and I won't be put in the position to choose between you.  I can't live without her, and I certainly can't live without you.

I accept some responsibility in our fight.  Maybe I've been pushing you too much, talking to you too often. Maybe I should give you a couple of days to cool down - and see if things are better between us by Monday.  Friends often need space - time to clear their minds and figure out what went wrong...and I want us to do the same.

On Monday, I will come and talk to you - see if you're feeling better about our relationship.  I promise to listen to what you have to say, then, without cursing.  I know I have had some pretty harsh words to say to you the past couple of days - but in my defense, what you had to say hurt too.  When I hear the words that have been coming from your mouth - they make me want to cry.  Is that really how you speak to a friend?  I know I shouldn't have retaliated the way I did - but come haven't exactly been playing fair.

I promise to leave you alone for the next couple of days - if you can promise to rethink some of the things you have said to me the last couple of days.  I promise to work hard over these next couple of days to really help make things easier for our conversation Monday morning.

I can't lose you as a friend.


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  1. I love the post! I've been arguing with my scale ever since I birthed my second child back in October. Scale says I've lost and then gained back what I'd lost--the meanie! Keep up your good work! I keep telling myself I'm going to go for more walks when the weather gets warmer...

  2. LOVED the post and def relate to it.

    I think my scale is menopausal and goes through intense mood swings. So, regardless of doing the right things, drinking that water, eating those veggies, working up a sweat, it just depends on what mood swing my scale is going through.

    Good luck making amends with your scale on Monday!


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