Thursday, March 03, 2011

Wanna See How I Look?

Yesterday, I posted about the start of a new challenge - Spring In2 Action.  I announced that I have a partner for this challenge - Adah.  Yesterday, we came up with a great name for our team "Generation Determination".  I like the name, because it tells people that age isn't going to get in our way to totally rock the socks off this challenge!!  Adah may be a grandmother - but after spending some time reading her blog, I know that she's one tough cookie - and I know that she's going to keep me on my toes for this challenge.

In her latest blog post, she posted a picture of herself with her latest weight on her mirror crossed out.  I wanted to do the same, but I know Hubby wouldn't be thrilled about me writing all over our mirror.  SO, next week, I will do the same - but using a piece of paper instead.

After seeing her blog, I realized it's been a while since I posted an updated pic of myself.  I posted a pic of myself in Progress in Pictures back in January at my 2011 starting weight of 227lbs.  This was the pic that I posted:

Wanna see what I look like 12.4lbs lighter?  OK....this was taken yesterday...

Not a huge difference - but my clothing and distance away from the mirror doesn't help, either. 

In the first pic, I was back to wearing a size 18 because my 16s were too tight.  Now, I'm happy to say that I'm comfortably back in to my size 16s!!

Here are some side shots....first one is back from last year when I weighed 225, the second is yesterday...

I see a lot more difference in these two pics.  The skirt that I'm wearing in this pic was super tight on me just 3 months ago.  I had to wear a baggy shirt with it, because of the bulge that would stick out.  I still have a little muffin top action happening - but not the bulge that once sat in it's place.

Yesterday, I did something I don't normally do - I volunteered to take pictures.  Back in the Fall, I was required to take school pictures for the yearbook.  This time, it was optional for teachers to get Spring pictures made.  I decided I wanted to have pictures made....and I actually LOVED the way they looked....I can't wait for them to come in so I can share them with you.

After work yesterday, I went for my first ever personal training session.  The first 45 minutes was spent discussing my fitness and doing my fitness, body fat, and BMI tests.  I was very shocked when I did the body fat test.  At the end of boot camp, last year, I ended with a body fat percentage of 37.9% - that was in August.  Well, I took October through January off and gained quite a few pounds.  I was kind of expecting to see a similar, if not higher number on the test yesterday....but was shocked to get a result of 34.3%!!  I've dropped 5% body fat in just a few months!!

For the last 15 minutes of my session, my PT gave me a "preview" work-out.  We started out on the treadmill.  He had me walking at 3mph at a 9 problem.  Then I jogged at 4.5mph for 30 seconds at a 0 incline...easy.  He decided to up it and have me jogging with a 3 incline for a minute - BRING IT ON!!  Barely broke a sweat!!  He was shocked - and so was I.  I realized that when I'm on the treadmill, I'm not pushing myself.  Since I've been going to the gym, I start my work-out with 15 minutes on the treadmill doing 2 minutes walking/ 2 minutes jogging.  I haven't touched incline - and the fastest I've jogged is 4.3mph.  He showed me that I'm not pushing myself hard enough....lesson learned.

Then it was on to resistance training.  I knew I hadn't been pushing myself hard enough in this area.  He had me do 2 circuits - and by the time I was legs were like jello.  We both found something out while I was working out - my left leg is SIGNIFICANTLY weaker than my right leg.  While I was doing step-ups, I could barely do 6 or 7 with my left leg, but pushed through 15 on my right with no difficulty.  I wasn't really shocked - my left knee was what gave me so much trouble back in the beginning of my journey.  I've obviously been taking it easy on my left leg from fear of aggravating my knee and causing it to start hurting. PT told me that it was not good - and I was going to have to start building up my muscle in my left leg.  Point taken - left leg is going to start getting some action!

Overall, the session was great.  I learned a lot about myself.  I wish I had the money to do it full time - but I told Bob that he was going to have to start helping me out...and he said he would.  PT told me that with my determination, I will definitely reach my weight loss goals - and my fitness goals.  I just need a little direction, and I have full faith that even though I'm not paying for a PT - the gym staff will help me out.

OK, time to run....everyone have a GREAT Thursday!!

Till next time. ;)

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  1. I love side shots because I think they give a better picture of the changes in our bodies. Glad your meeting with the PT went well and you learned alot from him. It's amazing what other people see that we don't. Keep up the good work!


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