Saturday, March 05, 2011

Taking Things Moment By Moment

The March project from The Sisterhood has been announced - and this one is actually something I've been doing on my own for a while now.

March is Nutrition Month.  It's a time to really think about the food that's going in to my body - the choices I make, the temptations, the cravings - and being strong enough to overcome them.

The project for this month is called Moment by Moment - and it's all about reporting every time I overcome one of those nasty temptations and replace it with a healthy option. 

Well, I've also been involved with a movement called #7daychip.  It has encouraged me to pay attention to my eating and stop myself from swaying off of my meal plan each day.  Actually, on Wednesday, I'll be receiving my #30daychip - celebrating 30 days of being controlled with my eating.

This monthly project came at the perfect time.  Even though I've had cravings and temptations - and overcame them - I really haven't had the opportunity to share my successes with anyone.  For the past 26 days, I've passed on the cupcakes and brownies that have been available in the break room.  I've been able to not eat cafeteria food and opt for taking my lunch to work.  I've retreated from the temptation of enjoying some of Jelly's chocolate or candy....I've just said NO!

Actually sitting here and thinking about it, now, I can't even imagine how many times I've passed on those temptations - and kept it to myself.  They were my small victories - but now I have to opportunity to share those victories with my Sisters....and I can now support and celebrate with them.

They say it takes 21 days to break a habit - and create a new one.  I don't think that pertains to eating healthy.  Regardless of how long I am able to stand strong against temptation - it will always be there.  It's really all about how I look at the temptation. 

If I look at a cupcake and think "I want you so badly, do I have the strength to resist you?" then I'm probably heading to a road of eventually eating the cupcake...maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow...but soon. 

If I look at that cupcake and think "hmm...300 calories for a cupcake?  I'd much rather use those 300 calories and eat a big salad or a nice bowl of oatmeal that will fill me up and keep me full for a while" then I'm winning - I am taking control - it is no longer a temptation but a calculated decision about my health.

I noticed this change in myself about a month ago.  I picked up a Jumbo Chocolate Iced Honey Bun - one of my most favorite of sweet treats - and turned it over.  I have created the habit of checking ALL food labels before I eat anything.  I saw Calories: 530 Calories from Fat: 270.   This is no lie, I literally threw the Honey Bun like it was covered with a contagious disease.  I didn't even want it in my hands.  The disgust that ran through my body was overwhelming.  I was holding a pastry that contained the same amount of calories - if not more - than what I consume for dinner most nights.  There was no feeling of temptation - only a feeling of "wow, now I know why I managed to get so big".  That was a victory - a huge one.  Since that day, every time I see a Honey Bun my insides churn with nausea.  I don't even want my kids eating them.

Don't get me wrong, I still have sweet treats.  I'm not going to deprive myself of enjoying chocolate or frozen yogurt or muffins or cookies....I just find better sources.  Eating Fiber One bars has been a great help. Also, 100 calorie frozen yogurt cups keep me in line.  I haven't really eaten many muffins or cookies, but when I do - I choose a low calorie version.  It's really all about finding alternatives that still satisfy, but don't blow all my hard work.

I am succeeding in this.  This month I now have a place to let out my victories - share them - celebrate them - enjoy them.

Do you have a great "rescue" treat that you've found to cure your cravings?  Please share - I love trying new things.

Till next time. ;)
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  1. AWESEOME! I didn't realize you were so dang close to the #30daychip! I am so proud of you. I haven't done what it takes to get there and in fact today is another Day 1 for me.

    Fiber One bars are SO my friend too. That and Special K protein bars. I am such a huge fan of sweets but I'm beginning to pay attention to the calories / fat, etc. in those treats and they're just not worth it.

    Goodbye, Fat Girl!

  2. Great stuff Joanna! I love sugar free jello, it kills my sweet tooth. My boot camp offers a low carb low sugar protein shake that tastes just like an ice cream shake. It is sold after our workout. It's a huge hit but I don't know where else to get it.


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