Friday, March 18, 2011

Last Chance Workout Weekend

I love the Biggest's probably one of my favorite shows on TV right now.

I don't get a lot of time to watch TV - but I figure if I'm going to watch any should be a show that's going to motivate me to not sit in front of it too long...that make sense?  Good.

This weekend, I've decided that I'm going to use my Biggest Loser motivation....and go into Last Chance Workout mode.  All weekend.

If for some reason you don't watch the show - well then you are missing out!! Wait, that's not where I was going...  IF for some reason you don't watch the show, the contestants perform a Last Chance Workout right before their weigh-in.

It's a grueling, intense, sweat pouring, last chance opportunity to burn as many calories possible - right before stepping on the scale for the weekly weigh in.

Being that my final weigh in for my Biggest Loser competition is Tuesday... I have 4 days to put in as many grueling, intense, sweat pouring work-outs I can....and I'm going to.

Just in case, for some strange reason, I don't give it my all...I've called in the big dogs.  Well, dog.  Well, that's not exactly a nice way to describe her.  My lil sister is coming to spend the weekend with me.  My little sister, who is 15 years old and an athlete.  She's not a natural athlete - she's a self made athlete.  A year ago, my sister was a little on the "heavy" side.  In no way would I have described her as fat or obese - just a little "cuddly".  In just a few months she went from being cuddly to crazy combat mode.

She plays basketball.  She runs - and when I say run... I mean a 5K in about 26 minutes run.  She's now a lean, mean, athletic machine...and I know that she will push me as hard as I need to be pushed this weekend.

This morning, I have 6 ten minute interviews with principals.  That in it self brings on some sweat - but after? That's when I'm hitting the gym.  I'm going for an hour to get in some strength training.  Later this afternoon, I'm going to pick up my sister - and then we're heading to the track for a short run. 

Tomorrow, we're both going to the gym.  For an intense work-out.  Cardio, weights...sweat, endurance.  Then we're going to come home and clean my house - well, rearrange my house.  I'm finally going to do the Spring cleaning I've been meaning to do for the past several weeks.  Load and carry boxes out to the storage building, clean carpets...that kind of stuff.  If the weather is nice tomorrow, the day may end with a few games of tag and frizbee in the yard with the kiddos.

Sunday, I'm back out to run another 5K.  This time, I'm upping my running intervals to twelve minutes.  Yes, you heard me.... TWELVE MINUTES running.  In the same time it will take me to run a 5K, no doubt my sister will have ran a 10K - but it's OK...just having her out there gives me motivation.

I have to take her home Sunday - but Monday?  That's my final day.  The day I can go to the gym and really pound out as much as I can before my big weigh-in Tuesday.

My diet this weekend is really important, also.  This past week has been anything but perfect.  I haven't drank much water.  I haven't eaten what I planned - or should have.  My whole body has been out of whack.  The lack of planning and structure and increase in stress have had serious effects on me.  So, for the next three days at least, it's nothing but water, wholesome grains, lots of veggies, lean meats - and planning!!  I'm bringing my calorie intake down - just a notch - and focusing on 1500 calories instead of my 1700 calories.

It's not a long term change - just a short term.  It's not that huge of a change - but every bit helps.  Conserving 200 calories a day between now and Tuesday saves me 800 calories...which can mean the differenence in losing one more pound.  It means I'm shooting for a calorie deficit of at least 1200 calories for the next 4 days...which equals 4800 calores...which could mean 1.4lb weight loss in just those 4 days.  If I work out harder - I could push that number up to 1500 calorie deficit each day giving me 6000 calories burned - almost 2lb loss.

Now I'm getting a head of myself.  If you haven't noticed, I'm pumped, I'm psyched. 

Competition hasn't really been a huge deal to me in a weight loss situation before.  I've always had the mentality to "do what I can"....well, that was true for a few weeks - and then I started slacking off.  Now "do what I can" has been transformed to "do more than I've ever done before".  I like that better.  It's all about the determination - and I'm rocking it at this very moment.

So, here I go.  Interview in 2 hours...and then the weekend full of working out BEGINS!

Till next time. ;)
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  1. how fun to have your little sister to push you when you need it! I love doing things like that with my daughters and grandkids! Makes exercising or even cleaning house a little more fun. Good luck with your plans...I know you will kick butt!

  2. Holy cow! You go girl! You are doing great, and your plans sound fabulous! I'm sure you'll see great results.. :)


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