Monday, March 28, 2011

Mini Goal Monday: Getting Back to Normal

That's it.  Spring break is over.  My five days of rest and relaxation - and working out - has come to an end, and it's time to get back to the swing of real life.

As of today, I have exactly 47 days till graduation - 34 working days.  There are no more days off between now and then...except for my weekends.

Now that my senior project is behind me, spring break is over, and it's time to see out the last of the semester...I feel like my life can finally return back to normal.  Normal as in getting back to my work-out routine without any distractions.

Yesterday, I didn't make it out for my 5K run that I committed to do every Sunday up until my competitive 5K April 30th.  That was due to a nasty headache that I woke up with.  I'm thinking that if I had actually made myself get out for a run, it could have somehow helped the headache...but there's no time to dwell on that now.  I ended up spending the whole day resting.  Probably not such a bad thing - I have been going pretty strong for the past week.

Today starts a new day, a new week, a return to going to the gym on my scheduled days - and running on the days in between.  It's back to meal planning (which hasn't happened for the past 2 weeks even though I have been really good about what I've eaten).  It's back to...well...normal.  That's what I've grown to think normal is, anyway.  Without the gym, the running, and the meal planning - my life feels off, in a way, out of balance.  Time to fix that.

So, without further a do, here's the mini-goal line up for this week:
  • Gym work-out Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday
  • Run Tuesday, Friday and Sunday
  • Sunday, run a 5K
  • Meal plan for the week
  • Target my calorie intake to 1500-1600 calories per day
  • Push to burn 2600 - 2700 calories per day
  • Drink 80-100ozs of water per day
  • Push through my plateau weight of 214lbs
You'll notice that I have no work-out scheduled on Thursday...that's because it's Peanut's parent-teacher conference.  If I have time to fit in a run, I will.  If I don't, I won't.

I'm upping my water take, once again.  Last week, I was drinking a ton of water each day - and it was having a postive reflection on the scale (by the end of the week)....I want to keep that momentum going.

I really want to have a great number on the scale Wednesday for the Spring in 2 Action challenge.  It's been going for a few weeks now, and my numbers have hardly been noteworthy.  Embarrasing would be a better term to use.  Last week, I was back to my starting weight for the entire challenge...not good.  This week, I really want to push through the number that has been haunting me for the past month... 214lbs.  I just can't seem to get below that number...and I'm hoping that in the next couple of weeks that number will be a thing of the past.

OK, it's time to get myself back in to "work" mindset.  Take a second today and think about a couple of goals you'd like to achieve this week - and please share. 

Oh, and I finally received my Race for the Cure wristbands that I agreed to give away to those that donated any amount to my race fundraising amount.  Right now, I will be sending a wristband to my friend Cathy and my challenge partner Adah.  I'm close to my fundraising goal - but still have a little way to go.  If you can spare a dollar or two - please click on my Participant badge on the side tool bar and donate.  You are not only helping me reach my goal, but helping a great cause - and earning yourself a cute wristband!!  This really means a lot to me.

Till next time. ;)
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  1. My goals this week - increase the amount of water I drink. I tried to be good while I was away this weekend but the scales says I didn't do as good as I thought. So got to chug that water to get rid of some of the excess.

    Exercise harder - I need to step up my workouts and add something in besides wogging. And that is hard for me!

  2. I love the mini-goals. So doable!

    I upped my water as well, and I can already tell. I had a very,ahem, salty weekend, and I guzzled H2O yesterday and today and am a few lbs lighter.

    Keep up the AWESOME work :D

  3. Excellent post. You are SO close to graduating! How exciting!!

    My goals for the week can be found here: Colleen's Goals For The Week


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