Monday, February 21, 2011

Mini Goal Monday: Time to Get My Running Back!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!  I did.  Went to the gym Saturday, went for a run yesterday, and relaxed in between. 

My goals this week are going to be a little more intense.  Now that I have my BodyBugg, I want to really test it out.  I could just go "business as usual" and see what kind of results I get - but what fun is there in that? 

My first two days, logging, were pretty insightful.  On Saturday, having spent an hour in the gym as my exercise, I burned a total of 2429 calories.  I ate 1609 calories.  That gave me a deficit for the day of 820 calories.  Yesterday, with a 2 mile jog as exercise (at my fastest pace to date, I might add...more about that later) I burned a total of 2538 calories.  I ate 1484 calories.  Giving me a deficit of 1054 calories.  Deficits like that should have given me about a 1/2lb loss - that I didn't see when I stepped on the scale this morning.  Although, I do have to factor in that I drank A LOT of water this weekend.

I'm not going to stress about the number I see on the scale.  One thing I did notice this weekend was the fact that my clothes are starting to get looser again.  After a week in the gym, I'm already feeling the results in my stamina.  I know that I'm building muscle - so it's a possibility it may affect that number on the scale.

Anywho - let's get on with why I'm here today....this week's goals.

This week is the final weigh in for the Power of One Challenge.  I'm going to miss it, and hopefully the Sisterhood starts a new challenge soon.  Even though the challenge will be ending, I'm still going to keep my weigh in days on Wednesday.  I've gotten used to weighing in on Wednesday, I like doing it in the middle of the week.

I miss my running.  Like I said, earlier, I went out for a run yesterday.  It was the first time I've ran outside for two weeks!!  I decided to start week 4 of C25K over again.  That's a 4 min jog/ 1 min walk.  I was a little nervous when starting.  My legs were pretty sore from the beating I gave them at the gym on Saturday.  I decided to push through the pain - and ended up finishing 2 miles with a pace time of 14:45 min/mile.  I believe that's my fastest pace time since starting the program. 

I sat down with my training consultant on Saturday to discuss fitting my C25K program into the mix of my working out.  I should add here that I use the term "training consultant" because I decided that I can't afford a personal trainer - but he graciously offered to help me plan my work-outs, give me a training schedule (with complete work-out routines), and give me advice whenever I need it - Yes, he's AWESOME!!. 

My original goal was to go to the gym 6 days a week. If I do that, I miss out on being able to run.  Time is a big issue for me - and if I go to the gym, I really don't have time to run for 2 miles.  We came up with a plan that gives me the best of both worlds.  Which FINALLY brings me to this week's goals:
  • Go to the gym for 1 hour Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday
  • C25K Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday
  • 30 mins cardio/ 15 mins strength/ 15 mins cardio at each gym session
  • Keep my calories to between 1400 and 1600 calories per day (as recommended by my PT)
  • Push to burn 2700 calories per day
  • Plan and log ALL food consumed
  • Drink 80ozs of water per day (yep, upped that a little)
So, as you can see, a little more intense.  I, also, had a great conversation with my TC about taking a day off from exercising to rest.  He told me that with an hour of exercise each and every day, I would be fine.  My muscles will heal during sleep and rest throughout the day. 

I want to get into the habit of doing some form of exercise each day.  My time at the gym should increase my pace time for my running - as made evident this week.  This isn't just about losing weight for me - I have goals, aspirations to become an athlete.  I want to be able to compete in races - 5Ks, 10Ks, 1/2 and full marathons.  I'm not just trying to get some form of exercise in to lose - this is about building my body up, preparing it for action.  I am now, officially, in training.

This week, I'm hoping to throw out some "motivational" posts....something I did last year.  I want to help - and sometimes it just takes seeing someone else do it to get you going.  I'm going to do another Smack in the Face Week (check the index).  I had a great time doing it last year, going to try it again this year - with my new found motivation by my side.

To help with this week, I need to hear from you:
What is one thing that you struggle with the most in terms of weight loss/ exercising?
What is something you'd like help with? Time constraints? Money issues? Finding resources/ support? Something along those lines.

Stay tuned!

Till next time. ;)
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  1. That's awesome you found someone to help you!!! That happened to me when I was looking, I couldn't afford it but he sat down with me and voila! I started really losing! But the biggest thing here is the change in focus: when you're not really focused on losing weight but instead "training" for something, things change!!! What an awesome weekend! I wanna check out this bodybugg thing! But for now I'm logging. And that's my biggest hurdle but I'm working through it.


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