Monday, April 04, 2011

Mini Goal Monday: Run, Joanna, Runnnn!! Edition

I know, I know - it's late in the afternoon...NOT my usual blogging time.

What can I say? I overslept this morning, and so there was no time to share my daily words of sarcasm wisdom.

This week, I am going to be calling on all the almighty powers of Willpower to see me through.  It's ITBS testing week for K-2nd grade...and it all begins tomorrow.  That means I'm preparing for long, tiring days.

I started the week out on the right foot.  Today was week 2 of Running Club.  Tonight I jogged/ walked 2.2 miles with a bunch of 2nd grade boys - and I enjoyed it.

I'm still not understanding those boys that whine the entire time about running - hello?  It's a running club.  What did you think we were signing up for?  I did, however, find a way to push their willpower.

I found out that there's nothing that works better than saying "If you're old, fat teacher can run, so can you".  They thought it was hilarious - and they totally knocked my socks off with "you're not fat Ms. Hill"  Bless their sweet little hearts...apparently, I'm not fat...they failed to mention that I'm not old, either.

The first one mile loop was a struggle - I wanted to run more, but couldn't leave anyone behind.  Loop 2 I started using the "old, fat teacher" line and really upped the pace....that made me feel much better.  It also made me realize that I have to start upping my own game to be ready for my 5K on April 30th.  That means hitting the gym for some strength training and hitting the track for pace training....I got this!!

So, what's going on with my mini goals this week?  Glad you asked!  I found out this morning that my mentor has started reading my blog - I'm so happy to hear this. She's my team mate for the Biggest Loser competition at work...and I know that THIS time we're going to knock everyone out of the park.  This week, I've decided to alter my mini goals a little...this week, my goals are to convert help my mentor start doing some of the things I'm doing....
  • Get my mentor to make a mini goal list
  • Get my mentor to make a meal plan
  • Plan our work snacks together - and keep each other on track for how much we eat and how often
  • Go to the gym Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday
  • Run at the track Friday and Sunday (5K on Sunday)
  • Drink 60-80ozs of water each day
  • Lose 2lbs this week
I know, I never usually put a number on how much I want to lose - but I'm going to start.  Nothing too drastic, just a reasonable number.  I want to lose 2lbs by next week's weigh in (Spring in 2 Action weigh-in which happens on Wednesday).  I have a feeling I'm going to have a gain this I want to start putting a number on my progress.  Willpower is going to be on my side to help me out.

OK, so that's it for today.  I will be back bright and early in the morning at my regularly scheduled time.

Till next time. ;)
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  1. Those are some awesome goals and it is great to have a mentor/friend at work that you can keep on track and also workout with!


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