Friday, April 01, 2011

Who Am I? Did I Really Just Make that Decision?

Today, I come before you to celebrate a non-scale victory.

Some may not think it to be that big of a deal - but I do - so that's all that matters, right?

And NO this is NOT an April Fools....thanks for thinking that, though!

So, a couple of days ago, Hubby told me that he wanted us to go out for dinner tonight and take out our closest "couple" friend for her birthday. OK, she's more like a pseudo mother-in-law...we love her, and the kids call her "Grammy". 

She just happens to be one of those people that are blessed to have a birthday today of all days.

Anywho, he tells me he wants to take her out to dinner - and he tells me that he wants to take her to her favorite restaurant Lyn's Garden...which just happens to be a Chinese buffet restaurant.

Now, Lyn's Garden just happens to be my favorite restaurant also.  Chinese food is one of my weaknesses.  This restaurant has TONS of Chinese food - and I can eat as much as I like. 

So, he calls her yesterday to ask her to dinner and tell her the plan. 

When I get home from my very long day, he asks me to call her so that we can set up times, etc.

I call her.  She tells me that she's a little uncomfortable with us taking her to eat at Lyn's Garden because it's not exactly cheap - and then she says something that makes me realize something... "you eat so well, and have done so well, I don't want you to have to go to a place like that for me".

At first, I'm thinking "why didn't I think of that?"  I should have been the one that said "WAIT A MINUTE! I can't go to a buffet restaurant.  I will over eat."  I will admit, that was NOT my first thought on Wednesday when Hubby made the suggestion - but it did pop in to my mind when she made the comment.

Now, I had two choices.  I could tell her that it didn't matter how expensive it was and that we wanted to be able to take her to her favorite restaurant OR I could tell her she's right and that we'll find somewhere else.

It didn't take me more than a half a second to say "you're right, we should find somewhere else". 

She was right.  Despite wanting to take her to her favorite restaurant (and mine), I don't know that I'm strong enough yet to walk in to that restaurant and control my eating.  Money really wasn't the problem - although it did cross my mind after the conversation.  I actually became a little panicked at the thought of eating there.

So, what did I do?  I started to look for a different restaurant and I had one goal in mind - healthy options. 

Sure, pretty much every restaurant is now serving some kind of healthy option on their menus.  The problem was, I didn't want to give myself the chance of opting for a not so healthy option.  I wanted a place that I could pretty much choose to eat whatever I wanted, and not have to feel guilty after.  Try finding a restaurant like that!

Well, you know what?  I did.  Yep.  Tonight we are eating at Mama Fu's.  An Asian fusion restaurant that specializes in rice and noodle bowls, lettuce wraps, steamed veggies....I have my choice of pretty much anything off the menu AND it's still giving me the chance to eat Chinese food.

So, today, I celebrate the fact that I made the decision to avoid the buffet restaurant.  Maybe I'm ready and I wouldn't over eat - but maybe I'm not.  Instead of taking the risk, I took the time to find something different. 

Yes, I know, it's not my birthday.  Maybe I should have sucked up my own problems and allowed my friend the opportunity to eat at her favorite restaurant.  The best part is, I know that she has been such a great supporter through my journey and that she doesn't mind one bit about eating somewhere different.  If anything, she probably wouldn't have enjoyed eating at Lyn's Garden - because she would have felt guilty about how much money it cost and the fact that I would eat too much.  That's just the kind of wonderful person she is.

If you think that the non-scale victory is deciding to eat somewhere're wrong...kind of.  I can't take credit for that.  I should have been the one that said two days ago that opting to eat there would be a bad decision.  I didn't.  It took my friend reminding me that I might want to think about something else.

No, the victory comes from thinking about the choice AFTER realizing that Chinese buffet was not a good idea.  In this area, we are in no short supply of restaurants.  We have TONS of them.  Unfortunately, we are in short supply of "healthier" restaurants.  Even the salads at most restaurants can grave on the 1000 calorie mark.  "Healthy options" at most of the restaurants usually give me the choice of some kind of broiled fish or chicken breast with a steamed veggie.  BORING!! I can eat that at home.

Taking the time to do a little research, looking at menus, consciously deciding what options I would have - and if they sounded appetizing - those are the victories in all of this.  Tonight I get to eat dinner out, and Guilt won't be accompanying me at the table.

I would love to know what restaurants are your fave - and some of the healthy options you choose when dining out.

Till next time. ;)
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  1. I love this! And I want to hug your friend! Most of my friends and family would egg me on at the Chinese buffet!!!!!! I have to be honest, as soon as i saw the words "Chinese buffet" I thought of how my friends and family would choose it in a heartbeat and how I would love/slash/dread the idea of going. Finding a healthy option takes ALL the stress out of that situation. so GOOD FOR YOU!!! It's awesome that you have that support, she is a true friend!


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