Saturday, April 09, 2011

R.I.P. Operation: Hot Sauce

It appears that my luck has run out once again.  Every time I share exciting news - there's a swift change, and the exciting news takes a drastic turn to devastating news.

A few hours ago, I received news that has left me saddened.... The trip to Louisiana has officially been cancelled.  Sanity has decided that she really needs to think about getting her own apartment and would much rather use the money for that - than to spend it on a week's vacation.

Now, I have one of two choices..

A)  Be extremely pissed off at Sanity and her amazing sense of responsibility.  Never talk to her again for ripping away my hopes and dreams of a long over due vacation...and then grab for the closest pint of ice-cream to drown my sorrows.


B)  Take this news like a big girl.  Figure out something else I can reward myself with - including Sanity in that decision because she deserves a break from all of her responsible thinking.  Make a new plan, come up with a new snazzy name for a new challenge that's focused on a new reward, AND still plan on entering Onederland by May 23rd.

If you know me, you know which option I'm choosing.  If you think it's option A then OBVIOUSLY you have never read my blog...SHAME ON YOU!!

Of course, I'm going with Option B.  How could I ever be pissed at a person that is willing to give up a dream vacation to think about something as responsible as finding an apartment?  Not only that - but she's my best friend.  Urm, I think I have a little more invested in our friendship than that.  I love her with all my heart and totally understand and respect her decision.

Once I got the news, and composed myself from the crying and shameless screaming of "WHY??? HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN??" (just kidding), my mind went to work on devising a new plan.

OK, so we can't go to New Orleans.  Maybe, just maybe, we can scrounge up enough money for a girls' only weekend away - somewhere close, not too expensive...just a night or two away to let our hairs down and celebrate our graduation.  The cogs in my mind are still turning, because I have no idea where we could go...but I'm not giving up until I think of something. 

I'm not giving up on my challenge, I'm not giving up hope for some kind of vacation....this is just a little bump in the road - and I'm a crazy driver.

So, between now and when I can come up with a plan, my challenge is now going to be referred to as Operation: Get the Heck Out of Here.  It's appropriate I think.

Well, I'm going to get back to my relaxing Saturday. 

Till next time. ;)
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  1. Lurker here - every year a some friends of mine rent a hotel room up by the Casino and outlet malls over Memorial Day 5/29. They go shopping and then to go dinner at the Casino. Good excuse to go shopping and there are some great sales at that time :) #OperationNewWardrobe!

  2. I went to Louisiana for the first time ever last year. Rambo is from was HOT! But fun!

  3. Awww what a bummer :( I'm sorry it's not going to work out. But I LOVE your attitude and your optimism. Good luck with your new plan! I know you will enter onederland by May 23 :)

  4. Why can't you still go even though the other couple dropped out? I would still make plans to go. Maybe it will take a little longer to plan/save but you still have something to look forward to?


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