Thursday, September 15, 2011

Gonna Dabble in Reality TV...Urm Reality Internet

It's no secret that when it comes to online weight loss challenges, I suck at them. 

Seriously, I get all pumped up, might do well the first week or two, and then the excitement slowly starts to deflate out of me like air out of a balloon.  I even make the same wheezy, farting noises.

So, knowing that, it took me a little while to decide about joining yet another online challenge - all of 3.2 seconds.

Can I say that this time is going to be different?  I can, but does it really mean anything?  Not really - I'm going to have to prove myself....and what better way to do it than to play an online version of Survivor!!

The Sisterhood is hosting this fantastic challenge.  It's called Shrinkvivor - duh, you can see that from the pic right?

It's just like the show, except no living in the wilderness, no living in a house made of bamboo, no walking around in the same bikini for weeks on end, and no having to go to the bathroom in a bush while a bunch of strangers are a stone's throw away.

I know - you're wondering where the fun is without all of that.  Am I right?

There will be teams of 7 people.  There will be team challenges.  There will be a tribal council each week.  There will be eliminations each week - yikes! 

It's going to mean doing my part, or getting kicked off my team....and everyone knows that I don't like to be exiled.  Although, if I do get eliminated because of some alliance or strategy - or just because I'm not pulling the numbers I should be....then I get a small redemption.  If I get voted off, I go to Exile Island.

Exile Island is the place where the outcasts go, and then work together as a team to make up for their slacking and still be a part of the game.

Even though Exiled players can't win the grand prize - there's still a chance for a prize.... an exiled player prize.

I'm nervous about this challenge, because I just know it's going to involve hard-core mini challenges each week.  Knowing the Sisterhood, it can be anything as easy as walking for 30 minutes to spending 90 minutes doing push-ups.  They know how to push people, and I know it's not going to be a walk in the park.

I've been hiding under a rock from my Sisters, ever since removing myself from the last challenge.  It was terrible.  I hated quitting - but I just didn't have my head or my heart in the game.

I can't say that all of that's behind me.  I'm struggling - big time.  I have been for a while... but I need something to push me in the right direction.  I need the fear of knowing that people could vote me out of the game...even though it's just a game, that's a big deal to me.

The challenge starts on September 28th and it lasts for 7 weeks. 

I want to start getting my mind in the right place before then, so I'm going to see how things go between now and the start day.  Maybe I could lose a few pounds just to pump myself up.  That would be nice, right?

The way I look at it is, it can't hurt to try.

I've got a lot of weight to lose.  I could be a big asset to a team...or I could be a big threat. 

I'm excited.  I'm nervous.  OK, I can admit it - I'm a little scared.  Not really about the challenge, but about failing...once again. 

I'm in a downward spiral of F-A-I-L that has been holding on to me, refusing to let me out of it's clutches.  Do I have the power inside of me to pick myself up, and work my ass of at this?

I tell you what, after - once again - squeezing in to a pair of pants this morning.... I felt the fire burning inside of me.  I'm losing the battle with my closet - and it's really pissing me off.  I refuse to buy clothes in bigger sizes...especially after giving away a bunch of clothes this time last year.

I gave those size 20, 22, and 24 pants away for a reason - so I'd never be able to put them on again.  I'll be damned if I go out and buy some.  Luckily for me, I still have a couple pairs of size 18s that are holding me over right now... but all of my size 16s that I love - and miss dearly - are calling my name.  They want my butt back - literally.  They are feeling cold and lonely and rejected in my dark closet.

As much as I miss them, I'm ready for them to be a fleeting memory.  It will be nice to get back into them - but then I want to say adios to them...quickly.  But that's getting a head of step at a time.  Right now, the main objective is to get back into them....comfortably. 

So - has anything I said interested you in maybe giving Shrinkvivor a chance?  Think you might need a kick up the rear?  Have you always wanted to try Survivor out - but want to do it from the comfort of your home?  Then check it out!!!

Registration is only open this week - and then no more participants will be accepted.  It's now or never.  Come on, you know you want to.

To sign up, or learn more about it, click HERE.

Till next time. ;)
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  1. Wow, good luck to you! That is awesome and you just have to start working on whatever it is that makes you want to quit each time and get rid of it. It's a lot easier said than done, but whatever has held you back in the past needs to remain a thing of the past - fight for it!! :)

  2. I'm so excited that you will be doing Shrinkvivor too! I can't wait! This is my first challenge with the Sisterhood, and I want to make a good impression (just not a big impression).

    And you can do it! Just think. Prizes. Name in lights. No sleeping in tents with strangers!

    We can do this. I know it.


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