Tuesday, September 20, 2011

True Confessions Tuesday

It's Tuesday.  Which means that Monday is over, and there's only four days left until the weekend.  It also means that it's time to clear my conscience and spill the beans of things I've done that I'm not so proud of...and occasionally proud of.  Call it a cleansing ritual, call it another attempt at making myself feel better about the lack of good choices throughout the week.  Whatever it is - you can join in too, if you want.  It's time for my True Confessions....

I confess that once I got in my car yesterday afternoon, and started driving home, I regretted passing up the opportunity to go for a walk.  The weather was beautiful.  I kept telling myself that I'd do it when I got home - and then I didn't. 

I confess that the reason I didn't go for a walk when I got home was because I was greeted at the door by Hubby with one of those looks that says "I'm not happy".  It took all of 3 seconds to see why.  My dog apparently has a stomach bug, and decided to use my entire living room as a dumping ground - literally.  Hold the gag reflex, folks.... there was doggy diarrhea and puke everywhere. 

I confess that I spent the next hour steam cleaning the carpet in the living room, and thinking how wonderful my life is....you picked up on the sarcasm there, right?  I didn't even have a chance to take my work clothes off before I was scrubbing....I hate not being able to strip off my work clothes the minute I walk in the door.

I confess that by the time I was done, I had the same "I'm not happy" look - and even though a walk would have probably been the best thing for me....I decided to scowl around the house and curse at my dog under my breath.  I mean, it's not her fault so it wouldn't have been right to curse at her so she could hear me - but it doesn't mean I had pretend to be happy about it.  I was also reminded that I had offered to cook last night - what the heck was I thinking? 

I confess that after the whole incident, there may have been too much garlic bread eaten with dinner.  I said may have been...which you all know means I ate the crap out of the garlic bread, right?

I confess that I often wonder what the heck I'm thinking when I continuously volunteer to do everything offered at work.  No, wait....reverse that.  I know why I volunteer for everything - because I think that it will win me bonus points in getting a job.  That and because when I see an email that says "volunteers needed", I get this weird excited feeling....cause I'm weird like that.  Maybe it would be a good idea to read the rest of the email before I reply "I'll Do It!!"

I confess that, if you hadn't guessed, I'm nervous about something I volunteered for.  I volunteered to attend a mock jury session for a local law firm tonight.  The law firm is paying the school for participants.  At first I thought it would be interesting - I've never been on a jury before.  Now, as I sit here....I'm wondering how the heck I'll be able to stay away from 6-9:30pm listening to a mock case....when I have trouble staying awake on my couch watching my favorite shows every night.  I'm pretty sure I won't win any bonus points if I end up falling asleep...especially if there's drool involved.

Speaking of volunteering, I confess that I learned a valuable lesson last week, while volunteering at the school's annual Parent Night.  That lesson is to never take your own 3 year old when you volunteer for something.  No matter how wonderful and sweet she is 99.9% of the time - the minute you get her in front of people you work with....that 0.01% of spoiled brat will emerge.... in full force.   

I confess that I'm disappointed with the finale of Hell's Kitchen last night.  I won't be a spoiler, in case someone hasn't seen it... but I totally think the other person should have won.  The show is becoming so predictable....I'm seriously considering giving it the axe.  Sorry, Gordan Ramsey... you know I love you... but you're letting the American Producers call way too many shots - and it's hurting your rep.  With me anyway.

I confess that I'm fascinated about my Jelly and her new obsession with Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Witness.  Hold your judgements, people!!  Geez, I can feel the glares and hear the throat clearing - you're not fooling anyone.  I watch one episode a few weeks ago of each while she's sitting with me on the couch - and every night since I've heard "Can we watch the ghost shows tonight?"  Just seeing the commercials gets her all excited.  She's totally my daughter.  She won't sit and watch a Disney movie, but put on a marathon of GH and she's glued to the TV.  Love it!!  You know it's really bad when she's watching the show and says "When are they going to go down the long, dark hallways?"  Yep - that's after only watching 2 episodes.

I confess that for the first time in my life, this weekend I was actually glad to see Christmas decorations at Wal-Mart in September.  That was only because I had informed Jelly that morning that if she didn't get rid of half of her toys - Santa wouldn't bring her any more toys for Christmas.  I know, I'm bad - but it's true.  Santa thinks she has way too much stuff.  Then, we took a trip to Wal-Mart, and they pulled through with having the Christmas stuff out already.  Jelly took one look at it all and begged me to take her home so she could start getting rid of some of her toys.  Of course, by the time we got home - nothing happened.... but I'm set on starting the decluttering this weekend.  I came so close to receiving another Mother of the Year Award when she declared "I want my toys to go to other kids..." but the award was soon ripped from my hands when she followed it up with "so that Santa won't go to their houses, and will bring me more stuff".  All is fair in love and blackmail, apparently.

I confess that it was so nice to get a call from Butter last night - and hear the tone of his voice.  Since going back to the hospital, Saturday, he's been a little down.  Butter called last night to tell me that his doctor told him that he should be out by the first week of October.  I haven't gotten that news, yet, but it makes sense.  He has two more weekends of passes, and then he should be good to go. 

I confess that I have to wrap this up because I'm running out of time before I have to get ready for work - and I haven't checked Pinterest this morning.  My addiction to that site is getting worse.  It's even making me get a little more creative and crafty - YIKES!!  All I know is by the time I get my own classroom - and my dream house - I'll be set.  I have so many boards and pins now, it's a full time job just going through all the fantastic ideas I've found.  I'll also get to the recipes, eventually.

Alrighty folks, I'm done for today.  OK, so maybe not the juiciest of confessions - but what can I say when my life is an open book?  Maybe I should start holding some stuff in until it's time to write this post each week.

Now it's your turn.  If you've got something to get off of your chest, either write a comment or link up your own blog post.  I can't wait to hear them!!

Have a fantastic Tuesday!!

Till next time. ;)

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  1. Good morning! I confess that my cat did something similar to what your dog did last night, so I know how that feels!

    And three hours of jury duty after work? Wow! Poor you! Have an awesome day.


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