Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rant, Rave, Rejoice!!

Don't worry, everyone, I'm still alive.

I was MIA yesterday due to personal reasons...that I'll get to in a second. 

Being that I didn't do my random post Friday, my BYOC post yesterday, and had a good day yesterday that I want to tell you all about, I figured I'd roll it all together into one big post.

I will rant.  I will rave.  I will rejoice.  All in the same post.

Let's start with the rant....cause that will really get my blood pumping for the rest of the stuff I'm going to talk about.

The health care industry in this country sucks major donkey balls.  There, I said it.  I have never been more infuriated at anything in my life - than trying to get some medical help Friday.

Friday, I posted about my swollen face.  I wasn't sure if it was an abscessed tooth or a sinus infection.  After comments and opinions from you all - one thing was clear, I needed to see a doctor.  There was just one problem with that - I'm completely broke, my health insurance doesn't kick in until October 1st, and the last thing I need is an ER bill adding to the monstrous pile of bills I already pay each month.

That in it's self angered the crap out of me.  I was in pain.  It could have been pretty serious.  The last thing I should have been worrying about was the fact that I couldn't afford to see someone.  That's not even the worse part, though.

I start by calling my doctor's office.  They tell me they are completely booked, and can't fit me in until Monday.  Urm, not really going to help me right now - and get me through the weekend.  Then, I call a couple of Urgent Care clinics - you know, the "low cost" quick clinics.  I call several, and I received "quotes" ranging from the cheapest of $69 to the most expensive being $175 (that's just the visit cost, and doesn't include any testing or extra services I may receive).  I know that some of you may be thinking that the prices aren't too bad - but to someone that has NO money?  That's a lot.  AND they requested payment in full at time of service.  UGH, that wasn't going to help.  Plus, that's not really any cheaper than going to see my regular doctor.

So, I do some research, and find a low income "free" clinic.  I call them, explain my situation, and the response I get?  "I'm sorry, but we only see established patients.  You will need to come in on Monday, fill out paperwork, and attend an orientation next Thursday to become a patient".  WTH?  Are you serious?  I'm in severe pain right now, but in order to be seen I have to attend an "orientation"?  I don't want a job, I want to see a doctor!!

What do I end up doing?  Researching online remedies.  It worked, for the most part.  The swelling is basically gone, and so is the pain.  I know I haven't fixed the problem completely, but it's the best I can do until I get paid on Tuesday.  I came very close to making the trip to the ER, but I just couldn't bring myself to rack up a bill that extreme just for them to give me a prescription for some antibiotics.  I know it's not right, but I figured if I could last a couple more days - I'd just go to my own doctor and pay the $75 office visit and get the prescription on Tuesday...when I have the money to do so.

Let's move on....blood is now pumping....the Rave and Rejoice segments are connected.  They are both about my sweet Butter getting to come home for the day, yesterday.

He got a day pass from the hospital.  It's a transition period he has to go through before he can be completely released.

After bitching about the health care industry in this country, I have to take a second to rave about the hospital that Butter is currently in.  Butter's insurance has been fighting tooth and nail not to have to pay for the services he's receiving.  Why? Well, that's a whole other rant - and I'm not going to get into that now, but.. despite his insurance fighting, the doctors at the hospital have also been fighting.  They've even agreed to lower and change the billing so that they get less money.  The level of care won't be affected, they are just willing to do whatever they need to in order to make sure that Butter gets to stay and gets the help that he needs.  I believe with my whole heart that he is getting the best care - the proof is in my boy.

Butter has done so well in the 3 weeks he's been there, he's starting his transition period to be released.  It's done slowly, so that Butter gets to adjust.  With Butter's diagnoses, that's very important.  This weekend he got a one day pass, next weekend he'll get a one night pass, and the following weekend, he'll get a full weekend pass - if they all go well, he should be released the following week.

I picked him up at 9am yesterday morning.  He was so excited - as was I.  The rules of his pass were that he was not to be "specially treated".  He was to come home and spend the day doing what we would normally do on a Saturday.  He was also required to be assigned a chore.

As soon as he came home, he wanted to get his chore out of the way.  I gave him the job of cleaning up the living room.  Everything else had been done, and I knew it would be pretty simple - I didn't want his one day home being spent doing chores.  He did it.  Without a complaint. 

The rest of the afternoon, being that it was pouring down rain, was spent playing cards.  I taught him one of my favorite games, and he taught me a game he'd learned while away.  We laughed, we joked, and we had a great time. 

After lunch, he had to take his medicine - which causes him to get a little sleepy.  So, he laid down on the couch with me - and slept for 2 hours.  I watched him while he slept for a while, and then laid down right there with him...and slept for an hour.

We woke up and ate dinner, played some more cards, watched a little TV, and then it was time to take him back.

The drive back to the hospital was a quiet drive.  I knew what was going on in my mind - and I could only imagine what was going on in his.

When we arrived at the hospital, the tears came - from both of us.

The nurse allowed us some time to say goodbye.  Through his tears he told me he didn't want to stay, he wanted to go home, but he knew he had to stay because he was getting help - he could feel the change, and knew why he was there.  He told me how much he loved me, how much he missed me every day...and that he was going to continue doing whatever he could to make sure he got to come home soon - for good.  I'll wait for a second while you go and grab a Kleenex.  If you're anything like me, you probably need one at this point.

I gave him a last kiss goodbye, and off he went.  My tears lasted the entire drive home. 

I was so sad for the rest of the evening - until the phone rang at 10pm.  It was Butter, calling to tell me that he was OK.  He'd spoken to the nurse after I left, felt much better - and didn't want me to worry.  He wants this week to go by fast, so that he can come home again - and I told him I wanted the same.  It was like a dagger to the heart - but I knew, deep down, that all of this is for the best.

I know that the last part doesn't sound like something I should be rejoicing - but I am.  If you knew the history that Butter and I have had the past few years, you'd understand.  Before going in to the hospital, I heard daily how much he hated me, how much he wanted a new family, how much he despised being in the same house as me.  He hit me, he cussed me out...and did it to others, too.  It wasn't his fault, but he needed the help to understand how to deal with it - as did I.  He is a completely different child, now - he's my baby again.  I rejoice that after so many years struggling to find a way to help him - he's finally receiving it...and he's back to being the sweet, caring, lovable child he once was.

Today, it's my goal to finish his bedroom.  I want it ready for his visit next weekend.  There's a lot to do - but I will work my butt off until it's finished.

So, there's my Rant, Rave, and Rejoice.  Hopefully, you're not a blubbering mess after reading this - like I am.

Till next time. ;)
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  1. Good God I needed to hear this story today. I'm so happy for Butter and Just wow. I don't really have words. And your face - honey - I was so worried about you yesterday and pissed right along with you about you not being able to get it fixed STAT. I love you babe - you are one helluva mother...and I know your heart is breaking and rejoicing all at's part of the game I guess - and may I say - you kick ass at it? Love you.


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