Monday, September 12, 2011

Starting the Week Off Strong

Wow - what a weekend.

Somehow, in two extremely short days, something weird has happened to me.

Not bad weird.  Good weird.

What started with the idea to do a little post on behalf of a friend to raise some awareness for her daughter's condition - turned in to an awakening experience that ended with me deciding to organize a walk-a-thon on her behalf.

Something powerful came over me as I was writing - and I just couldn't shake the feeling.  I knew that I needed to do more than just write a blog post....and that got the wheels turning.

Not only did it lead to my announcing the walk-a-thon, creating a donation page on her behalf, and starting the planning phases in my mind of what I want the event to be like.... but it has also come to my attention, that something has sparked in side of me.

After finishing that post, I realized that I had to meet Kenadee.  I already knew I was going to love her - there hasn't been a single child I've ever met that I didn't like.... but I knew it would be different with Kenadee.  And, it was.

Saturday afternoon, I made a trip to the hospital to see her.

I have only one word that can really describe the moment when I walked into Kenadee's hospital room:  Wow.

She is absolutely beautiful.

Not only that, but the WOW describes the love in the room that I felt.  Her parents, the nursing staff....all completely in love with this child - and for very good reasons.

At that moment, I knew I was going to do my best to do something for this precious child and her amazing parents.

Yesterday morning, I woke up to discover something that would boost my dedication even more - if that was possible.  The first donation had been made to Kenadee's page.

Val - one of my amazing reader's - donated $25.  That's 2.5 miles that have already been pledged to Kenadee's Walk-a-Thon. 

On a day that I was sharing about the unity that was shared between strangers on a day like September 11th, a complete stranger had come through for a child she's never met.  She did it quietly - I wouldn't have known she'd done it if I hadn't received an email letting me know.  She has started the ball rolling in a big way, and I have no way to express the appreciation I have than to just say it here:  THANK YOU, VAL!!

So, today, I start the week off knowing that after wondering how I was going to find the motivation to get back on my horse to weight loss....I found it.  I know that sounds kind of selfish - it's not supposed to. 

What Kenadee won't know is that while I'm doing what I can to help her - she's going to be helping me right back.

She's helped me to find a reason to walk, jog, run. 

It's that part of me that finds it so hard to just do things for myself - knowing that I have a child as special as Kenadee counting on me to be able to finish however many miles are pledged by the time this walk-a-thon comes to light?  It's all the motivation I need.

Every day, I get to look into my own children's eyes and receive a smile from them.  They can tell me when they don't feel well.  They can tell me what hurts.  They can hug me and tell me that they love me.  I have a son that has a medical condition - even though he's not able to tell me what causes his pain sometimes, his condition is manageable.  He can tell me he's feeling better.  He can tell me that he's happy or he's sad.  I know that when he comes home from the hospital, things will be better.  I couldn't imagine what life would be like without any of these things.

What I take for granted every day with my children - are things that Kenadee's parents pray for.  They hope for a miracle, a cure....a way that their child will be able to do the things that my children do every day.

I start my week off this week with these things in mind.

I love my children with all of my heart.  It's always important for me to do what I can for them.  They will support me and join me in this effort, also.  My Peanut will want to help, because of the kind, nurturing child she is.  Butter will feel a draw to Kenadee due to his own situation...despite what happens in his brain, his heart is warm and loving.  He will undoubtedly feel the same spark with Kenadee that I felt.   Jelly, well - she's a little too young to understand, but she'll do her part too, in her own way.

I'm going to do what I can for Kenadee....and I plan on rallying up others to help.  I believe with my whole heart that it can be done.

Today, I start training.  I start preparing to walk the distance.  I'm starting the week off strong.

I have a long road a head of me - but I know I'll get there.  With the help of friends, family, complete strangers - I know that we will pull together.  No matter how small of a gesture or how large....every bit helps. 

Kenadee's page is now listed with my other blog pages.  Please check it out.  I will be posting updates on the Walk-a-Thon, and there is information there on how you can donate. 

Till next time. ;)
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