Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bootcamp Replay

It was a bittersweet night hearing things like "this is the last time you get to do this, bootcamp is almost over". I don't know how my team mates feel about the whole experience, but I am going to miss them, bootcamp - the whole experience - so much. I've already vowed that when my schedule allows - I will DEFINITELY be signing up for bootcamp again.

OK - so the rundown. The night started out with a pre-meeting with Jillian. If you remember, I told you the other day that Bob and Jillian had graciously offered to help me come up with a schedule for working out once bootcamp was over. Jillian took notes of what my schedule will look like - and she still managed to fit in almost 90 minutes of work-out time a day!! It looks as though I'm going to have to train myself to be in bed by 10pm and up at 4am. My day will consist of yoga at 4:30am, then a walk if I'm able to on my lunch break, and then an hour of working out in the late evening after I've spent some time with the kids, had dinner, and done my homework. The weekends, I will do a "hardcore" 90 minute cardio/strength workout on Saturdays and Sundays will consist of time with my kids doing some kind of physical activity. The schedule sounds tough, but it will all come down to structure and getting into a routine - something I'm all about. My motivation comes from holding myself accountable for my actions - I know that Bob and Jillian are going to be keeping up on my I hold myself accountable to them to not fail.

After the great meeting, it was time for burn-outs. It's amazing, now that I really think about it, to see the difference in what I'm able to do at burn-outs. I can do pull-ups (with help), I'm able to do so many more push-ups, and knocked out about 30 sit-ups. Jillian has challenged me to be able to do 2 "real" push-ups by the time I test on Wednesday - because I have modified push-ups down to a fine art, I have to challenge myself to knock out the "big guys" So, after burn-outs, we did cals. Cals were, I'm not going to say easy, but easier - not because we were given less, but I also seemed to be able to do more...another great feeling. It was then on to circuits. The circuits were: push-ups, Engines (high knee jog), swimmers, flutter kicks, burpees, standing lunges, and side straddle hops (jumping jacks). My partner and I started on burpees. The first circuit was 90 seconds on each station. I was tired when the first 90 seconds was over - and I still had 6 more circuits to visit. Never fear, Jillian was near...and she didn't let me forget it. She pushed me to get through the circuits. The next circuit was 60 seconds. Even though 30 seconds was shaved off the time, it was really hard to notice. My body was aching, sweat was pouring, heart was pounding..but I trudged on through. My greatest accomplishment had to have been the 30 second circuit. We were all so tired, so Jillian decided to "up the ante". If anyone stopped exercising for the 30 seconds on each circuit - she told us we'd have to start the whole circuit over again. It's amazing how much strength you can pull out of the air when the threat of having to do it all over again looms over your head. With my partner constantly motivating me, and Jillian on constant "DON'T YOU QUIT, JOANNA, DO YOU WANT YOUR TEAM TO DO THIS ALL OVER AGAIN?" I actually pushed myself to do all 7 circuits without stopping. I was so happy with myself. After a quick water break, it was time for a nice long run - a 25 minute run to be exact. My legs were screaming from the circuits, but I kept a bouncing jog going the entire time. The run was hard, long, and extremely painful - but I kept running....I wasn't going to stop. Once again, the finish line was announced - and off I went. I sprinted to the end. The night was over, I was hurting, but looking back on how much I had accomplished over the past 5 weeks almost brought tears to my eyes. On the first night, I couldn't run for more than 30 seconds - and now I'm running for more than 20 minutes. The first night, I couldn't do push-ups, sit-ups, flutter kicks, I can do them on circuits that last more than 20 minutes. My strength has been pushed beyond the extreme - and I did it!!

Till next time.  ;)

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