Thursday, July 08, 2010

Thank You For Being A Friend

Well, I was right about bootcamp last was a very hard night.  I haven't felt that close to puking since my first night.  I will say, though, I pushed my self extremely hard - and didn't give up, so I'm proud of that.

We started the night out with burn-outs...I was still able to do 3 pull-ups (with "Bob's" help), I lost count on push-ups, and 20 sit-ups!!  I was nervous that having a week off would put a damper on those numbers - but I was really proud of how many I was able to do.  When it came to cals, I wasn't as good.  That may have to do with the fact that almost every person that showed up forgot either their dog tags or meal log - which resulted in cals before cals...gotta love that!!  After the cals, we were off to the obstacle course.  We did team races, and that was fun.  My team let me run first - because it was easier to pick up my slack than to try and catch up....that actually worked out better for me because I didn't get even more exhausted from more cals while I was waiting for my turn.  We did the race twice...and after the second run, I started feeling the fact that it'd been a week since I'd been at bootcamp.  Then we got the exciting news that we were going to be doing sandbag circuits...YAY!!! (**Insert a double dose of sarcasm**)  The circuits were the same as last time: sandbag bicep curls, push-ups, flat pull-ups, and sandbag lunges.  I chose to start on the bicep curls, because at least I had 2 exercises in between before having to deal with those sandbags.  I started out pretty slow...I finally got my energy boost after the 5th or 6th circuit....we did so many, it's hard to really figure out how many I'd done by the time I started feeling better about it.  When I got to the point where I just couldn't do anything else..."Jillian" was there to give me the boost I needed, "COME ON, JOANNA, YOU CAN DO THIS".  Pushed myself through another circuit...then there was "Bob" - "DON'T REST ON YOUR BUTT, PUSH YOURSELF, DON'T LET ME SEE THAT BUTT HIT THE GROUND", and "GET THAT KNEE TO THE GROUND, I WANNA SEE YOU PUSH THAT LUNGE ALL THE WAY DOWN".  I don't know what it is about those two, but just hearing their voice sets off a spark inside of me and I push myself harder than I ever thought I could.  So, I got through the circuits - stronger than I started.  Everyone thought that the torture, I mean work-out, was over for the night...but oh no.  Time for sprints!! I really thought I was going to pass out, or puke...but I didn't...I sprinted.  I was pretty happy with how hard I pushed myself to run - it wasn't at all easy, but I did it....I left feeling very proud of myself, and also with the feeling that I was NEVER going to let myself go that long again without working out.

OK, so now I'm done with my bootcamp instant replay - I can explain why my post is titled the way it is.  You all know how nervous I am about what I'm going to do once bootcamp is over.  I was so worried that I would be losing the two things that push me to my limits, make me give everything I have... Bob and Jillian.  Never in a million years have I met two people that motivate me so much.  I also can't leave out Cara - the third instructor.  Cara is her real name, so don't sit and try and figure out who I'm comparing her to.  I will formally introduce Bob and Jillian by their real names at some point - but I like using my nicknames, because it makes it easy to explain their personalities that way.  Anywho - getting off subject - I am really going to miss having them two push me....but yesterday I found out, that even after bootcamp is over - they are still going to be there for least to get me started working at home.  Bob and Jillian are going to get together and devise a work-out plan for me that I can use at home.  That may not sound like a very big deal - but it definitely is to me.  Knowing that I have two amazing fitness instructors on my side, willing to help me reach my goals way beyond bootcamp is my equivalent to winning the lottery.  Think I'm exaggerating?  I'm not!  My top priority is my health and fitness - and these two people can help me reach my goals, and stick to them, better than anyone.  I'm meeting with Jillian on Friday so I can give her my schedule that I will be dealing with once school starts.  She is then going to come up with some ideas, along with Bob, so that I have the tools I need to make my at-home program a success.  Thus, we conclude with my blog title...I feel like I don't only have the most amazing fitness instructors, I have new friends...only friends would be willing to do what they are doing for me - for that, I have no words that can express my appreciation.  The only way I will be able to thank them is to show up at the gym in a few months and show them how much they have helped change my life FOREVER.

I'm going to end there, because I'm actually getting a little misty eyed - what's wrong with me?? LOL Also, I have to go and start my yoga.

Till next time.  ;)

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