Friday, July 16, 2010

Tonight is the Night, and I'm Feeling Alright

I can't believe it's finally coming to an end.  Yep, tonight is the last session of bootcamp...BOO!!!  Luckily, it's not over forever.  Yes, I've made the decision to re-enlist for another round of torture...that begins August 2nd.  Unfortunately, due to the crazy schedule I will be holding down shortly there after, I won't be able to keep the "perfect attendance" that I kept during this bootcamp.

One thing about having this second round of bootcamp coming up, the nerves of "what am I going to do now?" are all gone.  Jillian helped me work out a very doable schedule for working out, once bootcamp was over - but I wonder if my willpower level is high enough for me to stick to it.  Having no idea what my stress level, work load, and situation is going to be like - it's really hard to know if I'm going to feel up to getting up at 4am each morning and staying up until 10pm each night to work out.

What's coming up for me in August, will hopefully really direct my attention back to focusing on what I originally started my blog for:  helping people that deal with family, work, school - and life in general - and still being able to get fit and healthy.  I've been very lucky, because I've been on summer break - so it's hardly warranting of praise that I manage to eat healthy and do bootcamp at the moment.  I'm home all day, so there's no excuses.  Starting in August, I will be starting a year of student teaching!!  It's my senior year at University - and will be the hardest, thus far.  Every day I have to be at my designated school at 7:15 in the morning, and will be there as long as my mentor teacher is there.  I will be there for inservice days, parent/ teacher conferences, and on top of all that - still taking 2 classes on campus each week.  So, not only will I be holding down a full-time job (unpaid, I might add), I will also have to fit time into my schedule to do homework, work on my senior project, and focus on preparing for my teaching certification tests....oh, and have I mentioned before that I have 3 children??  Got to play mommy while at home, too!  Now, let's throw eating healthy and exercising into that bag of fun.  See where I'm coming from?? 

So, tomorrow I am going to go into more detail about what I have in store once the "crazy" of life begins.  I will also share my measurements and body fat percentage changes since starting bootcamp.  Things are gonna be changing around here...hopefully for the better.  ;)

Till next time. ;)

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