Thursday, July 01, 2010

Welcome to the Jungle...We Got Fun and Games

What a great night last night was at bootcamp.  It was "buddy night", meaning that we were all able to take a few guests with us so that they could get a sense of what bootcamp was all about.  As soon as they announced it last week, I knew that I was going to rally up my lil brother and sister to go with me.  I wanted to take my sister because she's been working really hard to lose weight and get more in shape, like I have been.  I took my brother just to show him that it's a lot harder than he thought it was.  I think I got to prove my point.

I had a feeling that last night was going to be a lot easier than what the last few sessions have been.  The National Guard were there with their "toys", so I assumed the evening would be very similar to the previous session that the National Guard attended.  The best thing about last night, though, was the fact that I'm much stronger now - so I knew the drills would be much easier on me. 

The evening started out the way it always does - burn outs.  I explained to my brother and sister what they were - and we did them.  I think they were a little surprised to see how many push-ups and sit-ups I am now able to do (I didn't count, so I don't know how many it was). "Bob" helped me do 3 pull-ups - that's the most that I've done to kuddos to him for letting me "show off" a little..LOL  Once we were done burning out, I took the opportunity to walk my brother and sister through the obstacle course.  I explained to them what they would be expected to do - and they seemed pretty excited to try it out.  Well, they didn't have to wait long to get their wish.  After the quickest set of cals that we've done in weeks, it was on to the obstacle course. 

My brother and sister have always been very shy.  I gave them a warning before hand that it would be very likely that they do some of the work-out with complete strangers.  The obstacle course was their first experience with that.  The whole group was seperated into groups of 3 - and each of us were placed in different groups.  I was in the last group (shocker), my brother was in the 2nd group and my sister was in the 3rd group.  They each did a great job with their first run-through, but were a little amazed that they were expected to do cals while waiting for their next turn.  "Jillian" didn't disappoint when it came to working our butts off while waiting to run the course.  She seemed to be especially fond of mountain climbers last night, as well as side straddle hops (jumping jacks).  After running through the course twice, my brother and sister were already getting to see how "easy" bootcamp really was.  Mwuahahahaha.

The next "game" on the agenda was the HumVee pull.  This was the one drill that I knew my brother was looking forward to, being that I bragged so much about it the first time I got the chance to do it.  We were quickly broken into 2 teams, and my brother and I were together but my sister was placed on the other team.  The first pull, our team lost - but I just wasn't having that.  I quickly rearranged our team and took charge on yelling instructions.  Our team took the victory on the second and third pull...oh yeah!!  I think I mislead my siblings just a tad when I did this exercise during my first National Guard experience.  I had told them that once the HumVee started to roll it was a piece of cake getting it to the finish line.  Well, I wasn't completely wrong...the hardest part is getting the HumVee moving - but I don't think they were expecting how hard it was to run about 50 yards pulling it with a team of people.  They were DEFINATELY feeling it after that was all said and done. 

After the third pull, while the instructors were planning the next activity, I heard the word that I was dreading...yep, you guessed it: SANDBAG...ugh.  We got back into our teams and were told that we were going to run some sandbag relays.  I was hardly thrilled- you know how I feel about those things - but I had to show my siblings that I'm stronger and faster than they think.  Well, it wasn't so bad.  We ran the relay twice (each time having to run with the sandbag twice). I ran my butt off, and despite having a 50lb sandbag hurled into my stomach at each pass off, it was pretty fun.  We lost the first race but came out victorious the second time through.  So, I seemed to have forgotten to mention that in between each race we were doing push-ups or mountain could I leave that out?? After the sandbag runs, it was announced that one of our team just celebrated a birthday - and to celebrate we were going to do a push-up for each year of her age.  Congratulations, Linda, for celebrating your 58th birthday!!!  Yep, that's right - I said 58.  I'm lucky to be able to push out about 20 once that number approached I did what I had to do, I yelled "56, 57, 58" - and then got up.  In my defense, I don't think anyone actually did the 58 - but if they did DOUBLE kudos to them.  It was then time to move on to our last activity of the night: go-kart races.

The go-karts was the one activity that I thought my brother would really enjoy...but at this point, he was starting to feel a little sick.  He opted to sit out the first two races.  I had warned him earlier in the day the first rule of bootcamp:  DRINK LOTS OF WATER!!  Unfortunately for him, he chose not to follow that one simple rule - and he was regretting it.  After seeing how much fun we were having, and after having a chance to cool-down for a bit, he decided to participate in the last race.  I'm glad that he at least got to try it - and he was a little bummed that he'd missed out on the first two opportunities.  My sister looked like a go-kart pro on her team...and her team beat us all three races.  My brother seemed to be quite happy when the races was over - because he thought that the night was over... yeah right.  What's a fun night at bootcamp without finishing off with some more cals????  Just a few more mountain climbers, push-ups, and side straddle hops to really end the night with a bang.  It did finally end - much to my brother and sisters relief. 

Once we were dismissed, we headed into the gym to pick up my daughter who's been attending the kids gym classes.  While waiting for her, my sister and I decided to run a lap around the indoor track.  I was so happy at the fact that I basically sprinted around the whole track - WITHOUT STOPPING!!  Now, that really proved to them how much bootcamp has changed me. 

Overall, it was a great night - and my brother and sister LOVED it.  We compared bruises after we got home - I won that game...LOL  Today, I will be taking them home - and my kids will be joining them for another weekend at grandma's house.  I don't have bootcamp again until next Wednesday, due to the hoiday weekend, so it's up to me to plan out my work-outs. This weekend, my planned activities are nothing like they were last week.  Tonight, I'm going for a run - a long run.  My goal is to run for 40 minutes without stopping.  I have my army marching cadences downloaded onto my iPhone, so that will help me focus.  Tomorrow morning, a 30 minute yoga session.  Tomorrow night - another long run.  Saturday will be a day that I will work on my weights - with yet again, another run...and then Sunday, Steve and I are off to my mom's to celebrate the 4th.  While I'm there, I plan on swimming - and no rest for me.  Got to stay on my game so that I'm ready for a better week next week.

Till next time.  ;)

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