Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Weigh-In and Measurements Time

I know, I know...can you believe it's already that time again.  Time for my weekly weigh-in and measurements.  This past week was a rough one at bootcamp, I did the 5K on Saturday, yoga twice last week....but how does that all reflect today?  Will the fish and chips and 2 Coors Lites I had this past weekend compromise all of the hard work?  Guess it's time to see.....

This week's weight:  221lbs (-2lbs)  Not too bad...a loss, would of liked to have seen a bigger number.  My goal this week is to break 220...keep your fingers crossed that I can get below that mark by next week.

This week's measurements:

Waist:  39" (-1/2")
Chest:  42 1/2" (-1/2")
Hips:    46 1/2" (-1/2")
Bicep:  15" (no change)
Calf:     17" (no change)
Thigh:  22 1/2" (-1/2")

I'm happy to see a little gone from my waist and hips...a little frustrated that there is still no change to my bicep or calf.  The whole weight and measurements thing is becoming a little disheartening, I have to admit.  Before bootcamp, weight was coming off at a nice steady rate..and now I can barely budge a couple of pounds.  Putting the numbers aside, I definately can feel my strength and endurance increasing...heck, I can see it in my running.  The first day of bootcamp, I couldn't even run a mile - I walked 90% of the way.  Now I can run for 20 minutes (and then some) without stopping and even have the energy to sprint at the end of it.  I will be very happy walking away from bootcamp in 3 weeks just being a stronger person, but it sure would be AMAZING to see some better results on the scale.  Not really on the scale, but with my body fat percentage.  Bootcamp doesn't focus on weight - it focuses on body fat let's hope that result turns out a lot better than the lousy results I'm posting here each week.

I'm really looking forward to bootcamp tonight.  It's "buddy night", and the National Guard are coming back.  If you remember, the last time the National Guard paid us a visit - I got to pull a HumVee.  Well, I get to do it again tonight, and this time I'm taking my lil brother and sister with me.  They are so excited to see what I've been up to the past few weeks, and give it a go themselves.  I actually want a tough night tonight - so they can see how hard I've been working.  (Minus those stinking sandbags, of course..LOL)  This is my chance to show them how strong their flabby big sister has gotten over the past few weeks.  I'm sure "Bob" and "Jillian" won't disappoint me - if anything, I'm probably going to be eating my words tomorrow. HA!

Till next time.  ;)

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