Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Weigh-In and Measurements Time

Yep, folks, it's that time of the week when I see how much my hard work is paying off (or not).  This morning has thrown me off a little because I left for yoga class at 4am.  I made sure to weigh before I left, though.

So, let's get right down to it.  This is my 3rd week of bootcamp.  I'm at the halfway mark, and can only hope my results get better in the next 3 weeks.  Before I post my weight, I will say that this week is a "hopeful thinking" kind of week.  Aunt Flo is here to visit this week, and that always means a weight gain for me.  My usual weight gain when she's here is 2lbs.  So...

This week's weight:  223lbs (-2lbs since last week).  That means if I'm carrying the usual 2lbs of bloat weight, that number could be quite a bit smaller next week...keep your fingers crossed.

This week's measurements:

Waist:  39 1/2" (-1")
Chest:  43"  (I'm an idiot and haven't been measuring my chest correctly.  I think I started out at 44" at  bootcamp)
Hips:  47" (no change)
Bicep: 15" (no change)
Thigh:  23" (no change)
Calf:  17" (no change)

So, this week's results aren't the greatest in the world - but I'm happy about another inch being gone from my waist.  The speculation I have from no change to my biceps, calfs, and thighs is the fact that I'm starting to tone muscle in those areas which is "replacing" the fat. 

Yesterday was a good day for me.  I managed to score a couple of extra additions for my home gym from Craigslist.  One of the items was a stair stepper.  The other is a full set of dumbells, a couple of rubber weights, and a set of push-up bars.  I'll post a pic of the stair stepper tomorrow (as it's not in my gym as of yet) but this is a pic of the weights:

I feel like I got a great bargain - cause I snagged all of this for $20!!  The guy also had a treadmill that I feel in love with.  It was top of the line with all the bells and whistles.  It retails for about $2000 and he was wanting $400.  I thought it was a great bargain, but just one that was a little out of my range - so I had to skip that great offer.  I already have a treadmill, so I should be greatful for the stuff I have.

I managed to pull myself out of bed this morning for another great yoga session.  It was much more difficult today, because I'm still "recouping" from Monday...but I got through it with not too many moderations.

Today, I'm going to reorganize my office/ gym so that I am able to use all of my new equipment - and the old stuff.  Tonight guarentees to be another hot and grueling night at bootcamp.  Before leaving the gym this morning, I saw the morning bootcamp doing circuits....I left feeling a little nervous.  Hopefully, I can suck it up and get through them.

Till next time.  ;)

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