Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Give Me Strength!!

Each bootcamp session seems to bring on new challenges...last night was no exception.  The evening started out rough just being out in the 92 degrees - but the evening that awaited us was nothing in comparison.

We started out with our usual burn-outs.  I am SOOOO proud to say that I managed to do 15 sit-ups without an ounce of pain from my stomach!!  I also managed to do 2 "real" pushups!!  That's a huge accomplishment for me, being that I couldn't do a single one just 3 weeks ago.  I am also able to do 20 "moderated" push-ups - where as my beginning amount was a measly 4.

After burn-outs, it was time for warm-ups.  Warm-ups consisted of push-ups (again), swimmers and flutter kicks - WHICH I DID again with no pain!! Last night, we weren't allowed to "rest" at any point, so in between exercises we did jogging in place, knee lifts, or footbal shuffles.  We started out with some relays.  The relays consisted of wheelbarrows, crab walks, bear crawls, bunny hops, and sand-bag sprints.  It was GRUELING - but I did them, and our team didn't come in last....in fact, I think we actually won a couple..LOL  After about 45 minutes of that punishment, it was announced we were going on a run.  My heart felt like it was already going to beat out of my chest, so I knew that the run was going to be difficult.  I managed to run for a while, but my heart rate got so high that I had to go inside and ride the stupid stationary bike.  I was so PISSED!!  There's nothing wrong with the stationary bike - it's not it's fault - but I feel like such a quitter when I have to go inside and ride it.  I did 3 miles on the bike, got my heart rate to a normal rate, and then went outside and joined my team mates once again.  I was able to run the last little bit, and then it was time for cool-downs. 

Overall, the night was SOOO tough - but I knew that I had worked my ass off by the time it was all over with.  I woke up this morning extremely sore - and extremely happy.  Soreness means that my body was pushed to the limits.

Tomorrow I plan on getting up at 4am to do yoga class, and then another grueling bootcamp session.  Tomorrow is also "weigh-in" day so I'm excited to see my results from this week.

I have to run, so that's why my post is extremely short and sweet today.

Till next time.  ;)

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