Thursday, June 10, 2010

Holy Hip-Flexer, Batman!!

Well, I have sustained my first "injury" from bootcamp - a pulled hip-flexer muscle.  I noticed a sharp pain in the bottom of my stomach while working out on Monday, but didn't think much of it.  That was until it was time to do sit-ups last night.  The only way to describe the pain is to say that it felt like the right side of my stomach was going to rip open while trying to do a sit-up. 

After reporting my pain to the instructor, he advised me of what the problem was and suggested that I watch the pain.  We started out with our normal stretches and rotations, and then it was time for calasthetics.  The calasthetics, thus far, have been pretty simple.  Last night, the instructor thought it would be fun to add in my favorite exercise (NOT!!): flutter kicks.  The minute I tried to do a flutter kick, the pain was there...bad!!  I reported the pain, and the instructor suggested it might be a good idea to skip last night's workout.  Hmm, easy out for a night of torture?? That's just not how I roll!! I told him I would stick it out, just might not be able to do some of the exercises.  Well, I had no idea that the evening was going to consist of sand bag work-outs. 

Ahhh, sandbag workouts.  These workouts consist of carrying around a 50lb sandbag as if it were your child - it can NEVER touch the ground!! We did sandbag chest presses, sandbag pull-ups, and sandbag lunges...all such wonderful exercises to endure with a pulled muscle.  The real icing on the cake was the fact that we had to hold our sandbag over our heads while laying flat on the ground - and they leaked!!!  By the time we were done, all of us were absolutely covered in sand.  I had sand in my hair, my mouth, all down my was everywhere.  I did manage to endure the torture, with only minor modifications (like not having to do flutter kicks while holding the sandbag over my head). 

After the sandbag torture was over, which lasted 30 minutes I might add, we moved on to running.  I was actually happy to hear that we were going to be running.  Although, because of my injury, it was suggested that I spent 20 minutes on a stationary bike so that I could work on stretching my strained muscle..YAY!! (**Insert sarcasm**)  Another girl had a slight back injury, so the both of us worked on stationary bikes while the rest of the group went on a jog around the gym.  I thought I would have the chance to take it easy - who the heck was I kidding?? LOL  The instructor put us on a set level which included high resistance.  After 20 minutes on the bike, my legs felt like jello.  It was then time to rejoin the group and finish up the night with some stretches. 

I felt like last night was ok - it was tough, especially with the pain, but I had it easier than most.  The instructor gave me some stretches that I have to do in the morning and at night to help with my pulled hip-flexor, so hopefully I will be back to full-torture by Friday..YAY!! (again **Insert sarcasm**)

Till next time ;)

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