Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Late Quickie

Not that!!! You perverted people!!  I mean, it's late in the day so I thought I would fit in a quick post.

Last night at bootcamp, things got kind of rough.  What we thought to be a strained hip flexer muscle now may be a sports hernia.  Unfortunately, when you don't have medical insurance - and the only treatment for a sports hernia is surgery - there just isn't much I can do.

Don't worry - I'm not quitting bootcamp.  I know that a lot of you are saying "is she crazy??"  The best way to answer that is - "probably".  It's just that I've come too far to give up now.  The pain is above my pelvic bone.  There is no swelling or lumps - so they don't think it's a hernia on my stomach.  There's a possibility that I ripped a muscle - so I just have to be careful not to put too much strain on it. 

The set back for me is that I can't partcipate in the calesthetics - which really works my core.  I can still participate in the cardio exercises and the obstacle course. 

Last night, I was sent into the gym to do a 5 mile stationary bike ride while the rest of the group did calesthetcis.  I did that in 15 minutes (I actually did 6 miles).  I went back outside just in time for a nice, long run.  The run lasted about 25 minutes and I managed to run most of the way.  I was able to stretch at the end of the night, too, so that was good. 

I'm very disappointed that I'm going to have to miss out on some of the activities now, because I'm not going to benefit as much as everyone else.  I'm hoping that the cardio and strength training I can do will still be good enough. 

Well, that's today's "quickie".

Till next time.  :)

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  1. I hate injuries... this has set me back more times than I can count. Good luck and hope you are doing better now!!


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