Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Enter Sandman

I feel like a broken record by starting each bootcamp recap post by saying "last night was one of the hardest nights"...but each session seems to up the ante on difficulty level - so it's the only way for me to put it into words without starting each post with "last night SUCKED!!"  Last night, we didn't do anything that we haven't done before but my body was still so sore from Friday's torture and my very long day Saturday it felt like the night was never going to end.

The night started out with the usual burn-out.  I'm getting much better at push-ups and sit-ups, although I still have a LONG way to go with my pull-ups.  Calasthetics wouldn't of been so bad last night if half of the team hadn't forgotten their log book and/or dog tags - which lead to cals before cals.  Wait, who am I kidding - "Jillian" did cals last night...so they would still have been that hard.  It was then on to the obstacle course - a single run to start, followed by a double run with the usual cals in between.  I have gotten to where I actually like running the course - I can feel my strength improving while I'm running it.  Actually, I have to say I'm not the hugest fan of cals - but I get through them.  Circuits are hard - but I'm really getting better at those....I'm pretty much ok with everything we do at bootcamp, except one thing.  I have made my mind up that I absolutely, without a doubt, HATE sandbag drills!! 

Nothing pushes me to the verge of tears like toting around a 50lb sandbag for what seems like an eternity.  They leak, they're hard to hold, they are so freakin' heavy...they just SUCK!!  As you've probably figured out (with my catchy post title, I'm sure, you're welcome Metallica fans), last night we did sandbag drills.  I actually preferred the circuits we did Friday night over the everlasting torture we did last night.  We laid on our backs and did sandbag presses, then add some flutter kicks while doing that, then it was sandbag lunges, then back on the ground for more presses, then up and more lunges.  To get a mental picture of how it feels to do those exercises, get a bowl of Jell-O and then place a 50lb weight on top of it....that's how I felt last night.  It made me realize one thing, though...my upper body strength needs work - MAJOR work.  It appears I have no upper body strength..LOL

Ok, so I couldn't of been more happy when we were given the sweet release from the sandbags and informed that it was run time.  I was excited to run...yep, me, excited...funny, huh?  I was gonna be running in "Bob's" group - so I took my place at the start of the line (so I could keep the pace) and off we went.  "Bob" informed us that we'd be running for 20 minutes and there would be NO walking!!  BRING IT ON!!  We started the run, and I took it nice and slow.  We started singing some military cadence songs- and I tell you what...they made the run so much easier.  It was great to have something that took my mind off the running, but helped me keep a good pace.  Not once did I want to quit running...I just kept my slow and steady pace.  Even when it was time to sprint around the whole line of runners twice, I didn't falter.  My exercise high kicked in as we were coming to the end of the run - and off I went for a nice sprint to the end.  Even when "Bob" told us we were done, and that we could walk it off...I just wanted to keep running.  Now that is improvement!!  I finished the night out strong...just the way I like it!!

Today I have plans to try out my new Jillian Michaels Yoga DVD, do some weight work, and either go out and run tonight or hit the treadmill for a while.  There are only 6 sessions of bootcamp left, so it's time to really dig in and push myself.  I may not be able to move mountains- but I sure can learn to climb them.

Till next time.  ;) 

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