Saturday, June 19, 2010

School's Out for Summer!!

Today is my official first day of summer break.  I haven't had a "summer break" since I was in high school - 9th grade, actually, cause I worked while in 10th - 12th grade.  Even the past three years while in college, I had a part-time job while out for summer.  This year, for the next six weeks, I have no school, no work, nothing...except of course freedom to focus on my body and my family.

Being that today is my first day - it's going to be devoted to relaxing.  It's only fair that for at least one day I do nothing but laze on my deck and do some reading.  There will be more days during the break that I will do the same - but definately today.

So, what are my plans for this monumentous first summer break in over a decade?  Well, on top of bootcamp every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evening until July 16th - I'm not 100% sure.  I know that I really want to spend some valuable time with my kids.  That will include many trips to the pool, some movie trips, park picnics - family stuff like that. 

I also want to devote some hard time on me, also.  Monday morning, I will be getting up at 4am to go to my first yoga class that begins at 5:10. I will be doing yoga on Wednesday morning too, if I'm up for it after the first class. I really want to give yoga a try - not thrilled about having to get up at butt crack 30 to do it - but I'm hoping it will be really good for me.  The instructor that does the yoga classes also does spin classes, so the following week I may give spin class a go.  My biggest challenge will be what to do after bootcamp ends.  As much as I have really warmed up to the idea of having a gym membership, it's just not going to be feasible once I start teaching in August.  My hours will be so crazy, that it will be really hard to justify paying for a gym membership that I might be able to use once a week.  That means, I will need to take everything that I learn at bootcamp and find a way to apply it to things I can do at home.  That will be quite a challenge, but one I think I can do.

Ok, so now that's out of the way - on to my bootcamp replay from last night.  It was another very difficult evening - probably the hardest thus far.  The temperature alone made things extremely hard.  When I pulled into the gym parking lot last night my car themometer was reading 97 degrees!!  The evening started out with the basic burn-outs, warm-ups and calasthetics.  It was then on to the obstacle course.  We did it once in groups of 3 - with the usual calasthetics while waiting for the other groups to finish.  After that, we were given the wonderful news (**insert sarcasm**) that we were going to do "double duty" on the obstacle course.  The definition of "double duty" means running the obstacle twice without stopping in between.  It was hard, grueling, hot...but I did it.  After the short victory of my ability, it was on to sandbag drills.  I will say right now that I HATE sandbag drills.  It wouldn't be so bad if we used 50lb weights - at least they wouldn't leak sand all in your face, hair, eyes, and shirt.  A 50lb weight would also be a lot easier to freakin' pick up and carry.  After what seemed like an eternity of lifting and lunging with the sandbags, we could finally put the horrid things back on the pile.  I thought that the evening was finally coming to a close, but I was wrong...ugh!!  After what can only be described as complete muscle failure, we get the added bonus of getting to run SPRINTS..that's right, not jogging..SPRINTS!!  A total of 17 to be exact.  We ran eight 25 yard sprints, then six 50 yard sprints, and then three 100 yard sprints.  My first couple of sprints were awesome...I hauled ass down the sidewalk.  The jogs back to the starting line started getting slower and slower, until they became walks, and by the 4th or 5th sprint turned into hobbles.  As soon as I got back to the starting line the dreaded "go" was yelled in my ear - signaling to haul ass down the sidewalk again.  By the 100 yard sprints, my legs felt like the were hanging by a string - I could barely walk, let alone sprint 100 yards.  I finished the night drained of every ounce of energy, drenched in sweat, and in shock at how much we had done in such a short time.  I was so glad for the punishment to be OVER!!  Now, I'm back to looking forward to Monday and hoping that my soreness is gone by then...hopefully the 5am yoga class Monday morning will help with that.

Till next time :)

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