Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!!

I started today out much better than I started my honey's birthday back in February.  I didn't wake up cranky, I didn't forget to say "Happy Father's Day", and I bought him a gift.  I'm with one of those guys that "doesn't do holidays".  He thinks every holiday is a commercialized ploy to make people buy things. (**Rolls eyes**)  He, however, never takes back the gifts we buy for him..LOL

Holidays may not be a big deal to him, but they are to me.  I think that there are good reasons to celebrate holidays - and don't always have to be about buying gifts.  I will admit that Mother's Day and Father's Day aren't huge celebratory occasions in my house - but something nice is always done. 

Last weekend, Steve (my honey) and I went and had tattoos together.  It was a late Mother's Day gift for me, and an early Father's Day gift for him.  I enjoyed doing that together - but I still wanted to do something small for him today.  So, I got up this morning and I'm currently cooking a healthy quiche for breakfast.  I'm also cooking dinner tonight - so that he can have the "day off".  One of my closest friends was awesome, like she always is, and bought Steve a nifty skewer set for the grill.  I bought him a Barbeque Bible to go along with it.  Steve LOVES to cook, and grill, so the gifts were perfect for him.  The added bonus is that the kids and I can benefit from the fabulous new creations he'll be making on the grill..LOL

In regards to my own dad - today makes me a little sad.  A couple of years ago, it was decided that I wouldn't buy gifts for my own parents.  The main reason was because I tended to have more money during Mother's Day - but was a little short on Father's Day.  I felt that it was unfair - so I cut them both off.  I really hate it because this year, things are a little better for us financially - and I really would like to do something special for them both.  I love my parents very much - but my father and I have a very close bond.  My mom is more like a "best friend" and my dad is - well, my dad...LOL  I think that this year I will find something that I can give to both of them...and from now on, I'm going to lift the "no gift rule".  I just hate not being able to buy gifts for them.

Anways, enough with my own personal babbling.  I was a bad girl and didn't go running this morning.  I was up at 7:30, but it was already over 80 degrees outside!! That's really nothing compared to the temperatures that I do bootcamp in - but I chickened out.  It just means that I will get a small jog in on the treadmill this afternoon, and work on some more weights.  I'm getting excited about yoga class in the morning - my stomach is feeling much better so I'm hoping that the stretching I do in yoga will be a help to getting it even more recovered.

Well, that's it for me today...everyone enjoy the holiday.  :)

Till next time.  ;)

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