Thursday, June 03, 2010

What a Night - Bootcamp Session One

So, after much anticipation, I finally started bootcamp.  What an evening it was.  Being that it was the first session, we spent the entire time performing fitness tests.  I really thought that it wouldn't be so bad just doing that, but oh I was wrong. 

We started in the building with the AC while 3 instructors took all of our measurments.  I was spot on with the measurements I posted yesterday - so I was happy about that.  Then the head "drill sargeant" did the "pinch an inch" test - and holy cow!! It felt like he was going to physically remove my skin.  That test was a little painful.  Then the intstructors informed us that all of our sessions would be done outside, so we made our way out there.  Now, luckily the temperature had dropped from 95 degrees to 90 degress - so it was only a little uncomfortable heat wise (**insert sarcasm**).

We started off with doing the push-up and sit-up test.  Each test consisted of seeing how many of each we could do in a minute.  I was expecting a big fat zero for both -but I was a little surprised.  I actually managed to do 4 push-ups in a minute, and 10 sit-ups in a minute.  I was happy with that.

Then came the running test.  This was the one test that I was pretty confident about.  I mean, I've done quite a bit of running in the past couple of months - so I thought it would be a piece of cake to knock out a mile.  Well, we started walking to the running area which was across a field.  The walk itself had me pretty pooped out..LOL  So, we get to the starting line, stretch a little, and get told that we have to try and run the mile as fast as we can.  I'm still thinking "no problemo"!!  We start, I get a good start, and then about 45 seconds in I get a sharp pain in my side..ugh!!  It was the pain that said "hey, you haven't ran in several weeks - you're not going to be able to pull this off".  So, I had to walk for a second (or two, or 30).  Every time the pain subsided, I took off running again - only to have the pain right back in a couple of seconds.  I was getting really pissed!!  I got through half a mile, and decided to just try and powerwalk back.  That worked and then when I got about halfway back, I took off running again and sprinted to the end.  I managed to finish the mile in 14 minutes...NOT IMPRESSED!!  As soon as I was done though, it hit me why I did so bad - I almost passed out because I hadn't eaten before going....IDIOT!!  I had a terrible dizzy sensation, and the feeling that I was going to throw up.  The instuctors then informed us that we were headed for the obstacle course.

I have to say, being completely exhausted and on the verge of passing out didn't slow me down a bit during the obstacle course.  I stepped through tires, up a 10ft rope wall, down the other side, jumped over 5 hurdles, didn't make the monkey bars, but did manage to jump over and under 6 more hurdles, had to crawl on my elbows and knees under 10ft of wire, made it over a 5ft wall (with a little help) and then ran across a zig-zag beam.  We stopped between each obstacle for an explanation, so we didn't get timed - but I'm ready for that part tomorrow.

So, there you go - that's how the first day of bootcamp went.  I left completely exhausted, dripping in sweat, and ready for the next round.  I have a feeling I'm finally going to see some dramatic results in the next 6 weeks - so stay posted.  :)

Till next time.  ;)

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