Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Burst into Summer Week 4 Check-In

Burst Into Summer Challenge

It's no good beating around the bush today.  I'm up another 3lbs.  3.4lbs to be exact.

My starting weight was 214.8lbs.
Weight last week was 217.6lbs
Weight this week is 221lbs

I've gained 6.2lbs in 2 weeks!!  Week two, I had actually lost 0.8lbs and sitting at 214lbs exactly.

I know that my eating hasn't exactly been perfect....far from it.  However, the past two weeks - some thing's been off....and not just my inability to control my food intake.

I know that my exercising hasn't been like clockwork - but there's been exercise.

A 6.2lb gain in two weeks is!!

A talk to a nurse yesterday may have given me the reason I've been gaining so much...and I can't believe I didn't notice it myself.

It's gross.  It's personal.  You have been warned.

I called the doctor yesterday, to make an appointment to take care of my "womanly business" I told you all about yesterday.  I spoke to the nurse about what happened, and she started asking me some procedural questions.  We got to talking about my concerns with gaining weight - and then she asked the question that lit the light bulb in my head...made me panic...and got me very nervous... "When was the last time you had a bowel movement?"

I know you guys don't want to hear about this...and I'm sorry... but this could have a big impact (no pun intended) on my weight gain for the past two weeks.

I sat there for a second after she asked the question.  She thought the call had dropped.  I told her I couldn't remember. In fact, since coming back from my camping trip - I could only recall one occasion since.  *Insert Panic*

It's been a week and a half since I got home from camping - and I can only recall one bowel movement in that whole time.... that's not's bad... very bad.

She told me not to panic - but did tell me that the cramping and stomach pain I've been feeling may not be associated with the woman problems at all.  She advised taking some over the counter medicine to see if it helped - and I have an appointment next Monday for the "other business".  She said to see how the medicine does...and if there's no improvement by Friday - I should probably call and see about getting in sooner.

Since buying and taking some medicine yesterday afternoon - there has been no change in my situation.  In fact, I've since produced some pain in my lower back that started before taking the medicine.  It started after I worked out yesterday.

I had planned on doing both EA Active Trainer and Supreme 90 Day - but after I was done with the Trainer, I had nasty shooting pains in my lower back.  That was the end of working out for yesterday.

I can't believe I didn't notice this sooner.  I mean, who goes that long without realizing something like that?  I guess I do. 

Hopefully I can get it all worked out - and start to see a drastic improvement to my numbers next week. 

I feel like I really let my team down once again this week - sorry Team 10.  You all know I don't like excuses - but even I'm not stupid enough to sabotage myself enough to gain 6lbs in two weeks.  Gain a pound or two?  Maybe... but 6 freakin pounds?  No way. 

It's a very valuable lesson I've learned.  I really need to pay more attention to my body. 

The nurse did say that some moderate exercise may help move things along.  She suggested walking and/or jogging.  It was one of the reasons I went straight to working out after I got off the phone with her... maybe the pain was just my body shifting things around.  I also have to increase my fiber and veggie intake, and limit my dairy intake.

That's good...cause I didn't exactly follow through on the mini-challenge this week...which was to eat fruits and veg each day.  I started out great - but slacked off several days.  Maybe that's another indicator I need to be paying attention to - more fruit and veg for me this week!!

This next week's challenge is to eat no fast food.  I'm game for this one.  After a weekend filled with Golden Corral and Domino's....I need a week off from fast food.  I'm having lunch with a friend tomorrow at a restaurant.  I've already planned on checking the menu before I go - and going to get some form of salad loaded with veggies.

OK, I need to get to gettin'.  I have an interview this morning.  It's for a head start teaching position.  It's not my "dream job"... but it's a classroom.  I'm not going to let any opportunity pass me by.

Till next time. ;)
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  1. it does sound like a lot of this is out of your control -- I hope you can get it all taken care of soon!

  2. Hope you feel better soon! I hate being "backed up" down there and am acutely aware of my last poop..

  3. Oh girlie, yeah, I am known to gain 4 pounds or so from bloating and er, "other stuff" myself. it'll work itself out eventually!!! lotsa fiber girlie!! LOL good luck on your interview!!

  4. I'm with Christie. The gain could totally be from "other stuff". It's happened to me. Hope it all works itself out. Salads and veggies do the trick for me. Especially peas for some reason. Best of luck at your interview!

  5. My DD lives with chronic constipation. When we get in this situation we give her a dulcolax, a dose of Milk of Magnesia, a dose of Miralax and LOTS of water. It really helps!

  6. The whole Mirena thing is a little scary but I am glad you called your doctor and inquired about it right away. Hopefully "things" start moving again. I can only imagine the pain it is causing you. Drink a Stabucks... I know that does wonders for my hubby, lol...

  7. Okay, I totally hope you have pooped by now. ;p

  8. Thanks for the support, everyone!!

    Lissa - yes, things are moving a lot easier now. :)


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