Saturday, July 30, 2011

It's Gotta Be The Time of Year, Right?

OK, so the week didn't produce the outcomes that I had thought.  I was so sure that this week was going to be the week that the stress and exhaustion associated with job hunting would finally come to an end.

It didn't.

But, I did have some high points.  I found out that my references were being checked for a job....have no idea the outcome to all of that - but maybe I will hear something next week.  I got another interview lined up for next week.  It's for a position I really want - and even though it's not working in a classroom, it is a job helping kids - which I've decided may be what I'm supposed to be doing.

As much as I long to have my own classroom, I've decided that I didn't become a teacher just to teach.  It was ultimately about getting to work with children.  What can I say, in my mind there's nothing more exciting and fulfilling than helping kids....whether it be teaching them, or helping them through a crisis or getting them out of an abusive home.

That's not what I wanted to write about today, however.  It's no secret that job hunting is consuming my every waking minute.  It's the excuse I'm using as to why I'm on hiatus from losing weight.  It's the excuse I'm using for not eating right or exercising.  It's an excuse... an excuse I could deal with... but I'm not.  Apparently, though, I'm not the only one.

Over the past several days, I've been reading lots of blogs....and this morning, it occurred to me that there's an epidemic going on.

I'm not the only one struggling.  I'm not the only one who's had a rough time with exercising and eating right.  I'm definitely not the only one that's been gaining weight. 

Out of eight blogs that I read this morning, five of the authors admitted to having a really tough time lately, sticking with the program.  They're overeating.  They're not working out.  They're gaining weight.  The reasons were all, family visits, lack of motivation, boredom, etc.  That's just the blogs I read this morning.  I'd take a guess that over the past week, I've read about 20 different blogs - and over half of them are all sharing the same stories.  Although almost all of them declared one common factor that has played a huge part in it:  The weather.

I have to admit....the weather has really done me in.  I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that if it wasn't 100 degrees outside at 7pm, I'd have been running off my stress every day.  I've longed to get out and run....almost every day I think about going out for a run to release some tension and clear my mind.  Then I step outside, and just can't stand the thickness in the air.  It's so dang hot that I can barely breath - and the sweat is forming without even moving.  It's terrible...I can't stand it...and I opt for a bowl of ice-cream instead.

I've always thought that the worst time of year for gaining weight was the winter.  I mean, who really wants to run when it's 20 degrees outside?  Then I got to thinking.... I did.  I ran in the winter.  I piled on the layers, and would go out running.  It was exhilarating to get drenched in sweat even though icicles were forming in my nose.  OK, so I didn't go out when there were 18" of snow on the ground... but when it was just cold?  I. Loved. It.

I know that I ran WAY more in the winter than I have this summer.  I will also point out that I was struggling at that time, also, so obviously the weather has played a part in it.

Anyone that really knows me knows how much I despise the summer.  I can't stand hot weather...anything over 90 degrees and I'm locking myself up in the house, blasting the AC, and planting my butt firmly in front of it.  The winter?  Now that's a different story.  It's so much easier to warm up than it is to cool down...especially when it comes to running.

So, with all this rambling, I've come to the conclusion that my job hunting is not my only excuse for being totally unmotivated to do any form of working out.  It appears I'm not the only one struggling - and that this time of year is poison to anyone who enjoys working-out outside. 

Sure, we could throw in a DVD or work-out at a gym or even dust off some equipment that's laying around the house.  I don't know about anyone else - but that doesn't help me.  The heat has been so extreme in my area that we fight every day to keep our house below 85 degrees.  That's still too hot.  I can't stand it!!

Continuing with my trend of being positive...I'm now convinced that in a few weeks, when the weather starts to cool down ( better or I'm going to be extremely pissed off) I will start to get back out and walk, jog, or maybe even run.  Of course, by then I better have a job...or I will have to run everywhere because I won't be able to make my car payment.. YIKES!!

Are you struggling because of the heat?  Do you think that once it starts to cool down, you'll find that you're more motivated to get back on the horse and work harder?  I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Till next time. ;)
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  1. I think the heat definitely has something to do with it. It is freaking HOT here in Florida. And the humidity if awful. I know when I leave my house in the morning, I instantly start sweating.

    With that said, I have been known to go out in the middle of the day heat and walk despite my hubby suggesting I wait till it's cooler. Sometimes I just have to get out and do it, don't want to miss the opportunity. Plus I LOVE the feel of the sunshine on my shoulders.

    However, there is nothing better than a brisk walk/run in the cooler, less humid weather. This is Florida so we don't get snow or crazy cold here, but it does get cold and there are layers of clothing. I love it and I can't wait for that. Like I always say, you can always keep layering your clothes if you are cold. But you can only take off so much if you're hot, well, legally, anyway. =)


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