Thursday, July 07, 2011

Sorry... But I'm Not Sorry...

This week, I've blogged about some pretty weird...make that gross... stuff. 

Even though I'm a "share all" kinda gal, it's not common for me to share information about my bodily functions and women problems.. but I did...and then I was all like "oh no, I hope I didn't offend anyone or scare them away or make them see how truly crazy I am."  It haunted me wondering if I was going to start seeing a drastic dip in my blog followers or start receiving hate mail or nasty comments about how there are some things I should just keep to myself.

I had every intention to write a post this morning apologizing to everyone about my post topics this week, and how sorry I was about sharing intimate details about things that shouldn't be discussed on a public blog.

Then, I read a blog post that made me step back and think for a second.  Enter Draz.. my blog idol.   I adore her.  I often feel like we were cut from the same mold...and if I knew it wouldn't cause her to break out in hives, I'd jump on a plane this summer and go and meet her cause I know we'd be great friends.  I settle for hive free short emails back and forth each day... but I'm gonna get her to give up her phone number one day so we can start long as it's also a hive free situation.  If you haven't visited her blog - YOU MUST... Click HERE!!

Anywho - she wrote a post this morning that got my mind working.  And, like most days... I just had to steal borrow her idea.  It happens a lot.  I swear, if I didn't have Draz, my blog would suck major donkey balls....see, things like that...saying "donkey balls"...that's something that Draz and I share.

Today, I've decided that I'm not apologizing...for anything.

I'm not sorry that I wrote about my woman problem on Tuesday.  If you're a man...well, then too bad.  You have no idea what it's like to deal with such problems, so you can put up with it for one day.  I am excited that I might have men reading my blog, though.  If you're a woman, it really shouldn't have offended you.  You do know what it's like - and you know that it sucks hairy goat balls...and birth control is something that I think most women are familiar with.  Also, it was something that could be associated with my weight gain so it wasn't like I was randomly sharing my personal issues.  Plus, who's not going to admit that they didn't giggle - even though they wanted to gag - after hearing that an implant fell out??

I'm not sorry that I wrote about my "blockage" issue yesterday (except to Draz, cause I knew beforehand how much the subject would bother her).  Again - related to my weight gain.  I've gained 6lbs in two weeks...and it appears it may be caused to the fact that I'm literally full of crap!!

I'm not sorry that I haven't stressed about my not losing weight.  Even though I'm a member of a team that's working together to lose weight...this has been out of my control.  I'm usually a very good team player - but I'm not going to sit around and pout that I may have let my team down the past two weeks.  They understand (hopefully).

I'm not sorry that I've overeaten too many times this past week. I can't live my life worrying or feeling guilty each time I eat at a restaurant or order pizza or eat too much steak on a holiday.  The universe has a way of reminding me of my choices - check out the past couple of days of posts if you don't believe me - so I'm not going to apologize each and every time I put something in my mouth that isn't healthy.

I'm not sorry that I have skipped a couple of work-outs in order to spend some time with my kids.  I didn't work out Monday cause I wanted to take the kids to a 4th of July festival and BBQ with them and then go and watch fireworks.  I didn't work out yesterday because I wanted to go to my mom's so that we could all go to the river by their house and play in the water all afternoon.  Some may call it an excuse...I call it: I don't give a rat's behind!! Yeah, there's always time to work-out... but spending time with my kids is sometimes more important.

Totally unrelated to weight loss....

I'm not sorry that not being able to find a job is pissing me off.  I'm past stressing...I'm moving in to full anger mode.  It hurts and frustrates me that I can't even get an interview in a school - let alone get a job.  Yeah, I understand that there are a lot of other people in my shoes all trying to find the same job...doesn't mean I can't be pissed off about it.

I'm not sorry that it I get really upset when I don't even get a response about a job.  I understand that principles can't respond to every single email they get about a job opening - but a quick "I'm sorry that job has been filled" standard email would suffice.  I can even live with not hearing about job's when I do get that rare interview and then not ever get a response that really upsets me.  How long does it take to write a "sorry, we've decided to select a different candidate for that position" email?

I'm not sorry that I believe I have the best Hubby in the whole world....right next to Draz.  Rambo sounds to be quite the catch... but that's getting off subject.  I have a hubby that cooks and cleans and takes care of the kids - without being asked...and I think it's pretty darn great.  He even does it after working all night while I'm at home sitting here writing my posts.  No, I'm not lazy - I have a good Hubby...OK, I am lazy - but I'm not sorry about that, either!

Since my hormones are totally out of whack, I want nothing more than to curl up with Hubby and watch movies....and I'm not sorry that each night when he leaves for work - I hope that he gets to come home early and get into bed with me...even if it means his paycheck being short.

Lastly, I'm not sorry that this post is so long.  If you're still reading it, I do appreciate it.  If not, then I'm writing this part for nothing.  I needed to get some things off my chest...and boy, do I feel better.

Thanks again, Draz...

What are you guys not sorry for today?  Let it out here!!

Till next time. ;)
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  1. I sent out 200+ resumes one summer for teaching jobs. I didn't get any calls, letters, telegrams, faxes, or carrier pigeon messages. It SUCKS. It also sucks that since I have (some) experience and my M.Ed (and potentially soon a second MSc) I am too expensive given the state of the economy.

    I hope it gets better. I ended up subbing the entire school year 09-10 b/c no one contacted me about any positions. It sucked and I was poor, but I got through it, which is why I ended up going back to school (again) b/c I couldn't take the rejection. I really hope I get into the PhD program- otherwise I will be freaking.

    I wish you the BEST of luck. Have you applied to non traditional schools like private schools or hospitals where they need teachers for kids who are in for long term treatment.

    Don't change your blog ever! I love it. And I may steal today's idea for my own post!

  2. Love this post! "literally full of crap" Haha! And you are so right, unless you have actually done something "to" someone that hurt them or made them feel bad personally, you owe no apologies to anyone.

  3. Cindy - Thanks!! Yes, I have applied at ALL schools in my area. It's a waiting game, and I know that. :)

    CJ - I hope you really was fun...can't wait to read it!!!

  4. Ok, I LOVE this post!!! It must feel to good to not be sorry for things, feeling, etc.... Coming from someone who is forever trying to please everyone (insanely impossible in my world), it seems like it would be very freeing to admit to not being sorry for certain things. I may have to steal this idea from you. And, I am going to have to check out Draz and see what she is all about. =)


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