Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Interupt This Broadcast For Random Thoughts and Feelings

Probably not a lot of weight loss talk is going to happen, if you're only interested in that stuff - you may want to come back tomorrow.  If you're OK listening to me ramble on about whatever should jump from my head, to the keyboard, and into this post...then, by all means, keep reading.

Yesterday was the type of day I refer to as a "rollercoaster day".  It was full of slow and steady ups, followed by fast, stomach churning downs.  I experienced emotions that changed so fast, it made my head spin.

The day started off like usual - me in front of my computer writing, checking emails, and stalking reading Facebook statuses.  I chatted with a couple of friends about the current woes of job searching, and looked at all of the school websites hunting for a new job posting that may have surfaced in the 12 hours since I last checked.... cause you know, jobs get posted during the middle of the night, right?

After my usual computer routine, I had to get ready to go and pick up Peanut from my friend's house.  She's been there since Friday...wait, you don't really need to know all that stuff, right?

Right before I was ready to head out the door to go and pick up Peanut - I received an email.  It was a response from a job offer by any means, but enough to perk my curiosity and get me pretty excited.  I responded to the email - and for the next several hours checked my email on my phone every 30 seconds.

During that time, I went out with a couple of friends and Peanut to see the new Harry Potter movie.  It was awesome!!  I was so sad at the end - being that the whole saga is over - but the movie ended perfectly...and I loved every minute of it.

So random recap....

Slow, steady increase for the start of my day.

Sudden heart stopping crash - after I receive the email.  It was a good, exciting, nail biting ride.

Another slow and steady uphill followed by an exciting fall....with the movie.  Great movie, sad it was over.

After the movie, I had to head to my mom's to pick up Jelly.  I was so excited to see her.  Even though she'd only been gone 3 days - it's always nice when she comes running to me like she hasn't seen me in months.  The hugs and kisses are AMAZING!! 

Slow increase with the drive to my mom's - happy downhill as I receive 3 year old hugs and kisses.

I excitedly tell my mom about the email I had received.  I have a bad habit of sharing information that probably shouldn't be shared until I get more information.... but excitement got the best of me...lesson learned, again.

On my way home, I receive the follow up email I'd been waiting for.....except it wasn't what I was waiting for.  It was to deliver bad news - I wasn't eligible for the job after all.  After such a great day - instantly my world crashed down around me. 

The rollercoaster came completely off the rails and was falling, out of control.

Then, I get home to hear that our AC went out all of a rhyme or reason...just stopped working.

Icing on the cake???  Apparently.

Not only am I ticked off and upset about the email - but now I have to deal with no AC as I dwell in my self pity.  Hot and sweaty self-pity sucks hairy donkey balls, by the way.

There's only one way that I can deal with this kind of earth shattering pissiness - watching a couple of hours of True Blood.  I started watching True Blood a few weeks ago - and I'm completely hooked.

Eric Northman has the power to bring me out of the crappiest of moods. 

Rollercoaster is managing to find it's way back on to it's tracks.

This morning, I woke up and the house was hot....of course.  Hubby came home, decided to take another look at the AC, and discovered that a fuse had blown inside the indoor unit.  Could it be that we could fix our AC problem for pennies???  That NEVER happens to us. 

We're the kind of people that have bad things happen when we have no money... you right now. 

Well, it was just the fuse!!  HALLAFREAKINLUJAH!!!

I'm now back in AC wonderland.  The house is much cooler already.  My mood is much better.

I told ya, just like a rollercoaster.  One thrill ride after another.

I warned you all this was going to be random, didn't I?  You're heads are all probably spinning just trying to keep up with all of this....that's kind of what my head feels like on a daily, now you're getting to get a little taste of my life...aren't you lucky??

Now that my AC is back on and my world is back in balance....I can get on with my plans for the day.  That would consist of doing nothing but laundry.  Oh, and searching job sites....and checking my email every 30 seconds hoping that maybe, just maybe I get another response from someone else.

Now, back to regularly scheduled programming....tomorrow....

Till next time. ;)
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  1. Sounds like a crazy day! Glad you got the AC working again!


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