Friday, July 08, 2011

BYOC - Bring Your Own Crazy... WHOOP, WHOOP!!

It's Friday.  It's time for BYOC.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, then read last Friday's post, or the Friday before, the Friday before that...and...well, you get the picture.

Copy, paste, and answer the questions in your own blog - and don't forget to link up so I can read your answers!!

Here we go...

1. If you were asked to symbolize yourself as an animal – which animal would you be?

What a great question...and kinda tough.  When I first read it, I immediately began thinking of animals that would represent my kids...cause...well...they can be animals sometimes.

Peanut would definitely be an owl.  Quiet, smart... Wait, are owls really smart?  I think they are.  They are always portrayed really smart in cartoons.  Anywho - she's quiet, smart, very pretty to look at...but will squawk your head off if she feels like it.

Butter - a tiger.  Looks very cute and cuddly from a distance...but get too close, and he'll totally tear you up to little pieces.  He will often pace up and down around his territory, is pretty quiet, but has quite the rawr.  I still believe in my heart, though, that I will be able to tame him before he's grown - and he will be a great protector and provider for his family.

Jelly is definitely a little yappy dog.  So cute, but never stops yapping.  She's loyal, loving, cute, cuddly...and has no problem eating stuff off the floor.  *eye roll*

Me?  Probably a lioness.  Protector of her young.  Sits around all day while the lion (Hubby, of course) goes out to provide for the family.  Pretty calm temperament - until someone messes with her cubs...then it's game over.

2. Did you ever play an organized sport – with coaches, rules and scoring? Tell us about it.

I tried basketball for one season..that was in 7th grade.  I wasn't really in to organized sports back then, still not really.  I was a band nerd* - 100%.  I was the drum major of the band - and I was just as much of a jock as the quarterback for the football team was.  I really only dated other band nerds, hung out with band nerds, and really never associated much with people that weren't band nerds.

*I use the term "nerd" in the most loving of ways.  I was proud of that title.  We even referred to each other that way.

I will say, though, that a couple of years ago I got into softball.  Peanut started playing - and I was an assistant coach.  Her second season, I was the coach.  It's a sport I'd like to get back into coaching once I find a job and have the time to commit to it.

3. When did you start shaving your legs?

This question brings up a lot of bad memories for me.  I remember my mom being dead set on me not shaving my legs until I was 16!!  Can you imagine?  I have very dark hair...and by 7th grade, my hairy gorilla legs were VERY noticeable.  By 8th grade, I refused to wear shorts during the summer...or anything that showed off my man legs. 

My mom just didn't get it.  She started shaving at 16.. but she has blonde hair...and grew up in a country where it was customary for girls to start shaving at 16.  That was NOT the norm for American girls.  Finally, by 9th grade - I was 14 - she took pity on me...after years of torment and teasing from my peers - and let me finally start shaving my legs.

I swore after that ordeal, that I would NEVER put my own child through that kind of trauma.  I kept my word, too, even though it freaked me out.  Peanut, who is now 11, started shaving this summer.  She was cursed blessed with very dark brown hair, just like me...and I could see her hairy legs from across the room.  She wanted to start last year, but I thought that was a little too young.  This year, she was ready. 

4. When you’re in a crabby – pissy – want to stab everyone you see kind of mood – what do you do to get out of it or do you revel in it?

I'm an inner reveler.  I'm bad about trying to bottle up my pissiness - yes, that's a word - and not unleash it on anyone.  That is, of course, until I'm all full of pissiness and there's no where else for it to go but out. I am happy to say that my pissininess explosions are a very rare event.  I try to stay as positive as I can, and try not to let too much bother me.  There's really only one thing that will really unleash my pissiness to the world...see question number 1.

Hubby is a great absorber of my pissiness - and lets me lash out on him....and knows that I still love him, it's probably not his fault, and I'm just at my quota of pissiness for one day.  Pissiness is now becoming my new favorite word. He doesn't hold it against me, doesn't retaliate, and acts like I never even turned into a head swiveling, potty mouth, demon from Hell at all....even though I totally did.

5. Repeat question: Summarize your week in blogland and in real life.

Blogland has been...well...urm...different.  Yes, that's the word: different.  I've discussed woman problems, blockages, and declared to the world that I'm NOT sorry for any of it.  I have really tested the dedication of my followers this week...and I can't believe I'm still holding on to the 122 followers that I have.  Maybe it's because most of them haven't read about it... maybe that's a good thing.  I know some did - and are still here with me....that's true loyalty right there.  Any person that can put up with my crazy ass sharing my grossest secrets, and then positively commenting about it are true friends in my book. 

I haven't received any hate mail or nasty comments (knock on wood).  I even received a few "thumbs up" comments about my 'I'm not sorry' blog from yesterday.  If you haven't figured it out by now - that post from yesterday was a result of question number 4... but the blogland version.  I didn't mean to throw at anyone - except myself - and I felt so much better after doing it.

Yesterday, I received an email from Skinny Cow - and they are going to sponsor a giveaway on my blog.. YAY!! My first corporate giveaway.  Be looking for that in the next couple of weeks.  :)

In real life - things have been really good.  Peanut is finally home from my mom's...where she's been since school got out for the summer.  She didn't bring anything home with her, as she's already declared that she's going back to Grandma's as soon as she can.  Can you feel the love there?

It's OK, it's not her fault.  My house is boring in the summer.  We don't have a pool like Grandma.  She doesn't have anyone to hang out with - except me, and yeah...that's not going to happen.  She does have a mother that constantly complains about the heat - and doesn't want to think twice about stepping foot outside when it's 100 degrees.  It's no surprise she'd much rather spend her summer at Grandma's house. 

We did stay up late last night watching scary movies, though.  They are her favorite kind of movies - and it was nice to have some Peanut and Mom time.

We all went to the river on Thursday and it was a lot of fun.  I'm not usually one to swim with fish - but the water was clear and I could see the gazillion little fish, so that made things a little better.  I won't swim if I can't see what's swimming around me.  The kids had a blast, too.

Yesterday, I got to see Sanity... YAY!!  I've missed her.  She's been working this summer, and getting to spend time with her has been hard.  I miss my it's always nice to have a little time with her when I get it.

Today, I'm going to clean my house.  It needs it.  Seriously.  When I start seeing cobwebs that could house a small country worth of's time to start deep cleaning. 

OK, now it's your turn.  Post your answers and share...I love getting to know my blog readers.

Till next time. ;)
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  3. Thanks, Teresa!! Glad you like it!

  4. I just did mine!

  5. People LOVE real life blogging...because it lets them know they aren't alone...keep at it. Your honesty is one of the best features of your blog. xoxo


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