Monday, July 18, 2011

While The Children Are Away... Mom Will Go Commando

Let me start out by saying I'm sorry that I scared several of you was so nice to read that you were concerned - and it's times when I read that stuff that makes me realize how much support I have.  I love you guys.

Also - upfront - this blog is NOT about me running around with no underwear.  Geez...where do I come up with these blog titles?

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Alright, enough with the warm and fuzzy crap. 
Today, I'm waging war.  I've got some ass to kick.  I have a feeling that self-sabotage bitch, who I am going to affectionately call Lardania Assqueen isn't going to go quietly.

I'm no Harry Potter.  By just saying the words "It's time to move out, bitch" while waving a magic wand isn't going to expel her from my body - or my life.  No, it's going to take work...hard work. 

Strategy.  Discipline.  Balls.  Yeah, you heard me.  Balls - to have the courage to stand up to her and show her who's boss.

For the next two and a half days, I've been given a gift.  A gift that provides me the opportunity to focus on myself 100%...and this will be a test to see how I handle the eviction process of Lardania Assqueen.  My kids are away.

One is with my mom.  One is with one of my friends.  One is at summer day camp.

They are gone....time to bust out the hard artillery.

I have a plan... but I want to keep it to myself, for now.  Posting my victories is the plan - so that's how it's gonna play out. 

I have only a few weeks left of summer.  It may be even less if I get the job that I'm interviewing for today (more about that later).  I've completely wasted four weeks - and not only wasted... but Lardania has made damn sure that I'm in a worse position than when the summer started.

This wasn't supposed to happen.

I was supposed to be sporting my size 10-12 body in a bathing suit with pride.  I was supposed to be running a 5K in less than 30 minutes - and working on running a 10K.  I was supposed to be in Onederland.  I was supposed to be here writing about the victories each week, my increase in strength, and my ability to make decisions on my food.

No more do I want to live with regret, defeat, or uncertainty.

I am the commander of my least the weight loss part.  If I fail at losing weight - I have only myself to blame.

Let the war begin!!!

In other news....coming back from my ass kicking self....I have an interview today.  It's for a position working at the DHS.  It's not with kids.  It's not in a classroom.  But it pays.  When you're on the verge of being broke, have no prospects in regards to the "dream job" that you went to college to obtain, then you do what ya gotta do, right?

I'm not giving up on having my own classroom - or some form of teaching job - but desperate times calls for desperate measures.  I will continue to work on filling my dreams, and who knows, I might actually like this job (if I get it).

Alright - time for me to go. 

Don't forget to get signed up for the Skinny Cow candy giveaway.  I'm announcing a winner on Thursday - still don't have very many entries.  I'd really like to make this giveaway a success, so that I might start getting better opportunities to give away bigger and better stuff.  Help a girl out, won't ya?

Till next time.  ;)
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  1. I thought underwear donning when I saw your blog title too :P

    Let's both kick ass!

  2. I totally understand you!!! I'm in the same boat...had big plans of going back to school weighing less and looking great....I haven't loss anything (have gained a bit)...But now I'm getting back on the bandwagon!! I have about 3 weeks till school starts!! Love your blog!!

  3. Good luck on the interview and the ass kicking!


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