Saturday, October 01, 2011

BYOC - I Made Up the Questions!!

Earlier this week, Drazil contacted me and gave me a great honor.  She asked me if I would come up with the questions for BYOC this week - cause she's off in Chicago having a wonderful time at a BOOBS conference... must be nice!!

Anywho, I of course agreed.  The original plan was for Draz to post the questions on her blog and link up to me - but it appears something may have gone wrong with her auto poster thingy on her blog.

So, I'm going to post the questions here.  Please link up and let me know your answers!! I know it's a day late than what you normally do it - but it won't hurt, will it?

1.  If you were given $1,000,000 that you had to spend ONLY ON would you spend the money?

I love this question because I get to think about me.  Any other time, everything out of my mouth would be stuff for other people - but this amount of money all for myself?  Could I even do it?

Well, first I'd design a house and have it built...the way I want it.  It would have 4 bedrooms, so all of my kids could have their own rooms.  This is for me - because then I wouldn't have to hear my girls argue anymore.  It would also have a large office, huge master bedroom with his and hers walk-in closets, and spa bathroom.  It would be lovely, I can't even explain all of the stuff I want.  I have no problem dropping half of the money on the land and the building of the house.  I would need at least 10 acres - for privacy - and a nice back yard...with a pool.

I'd spend another $250,000 on decorating.  I want fancy, fru-fru stuff (thanks, Pinterest).  That's something that Hubby wouldn't be happy about - but this is my money, and I have to spend it on myself!!  The decor in every room would match.  It would definitely be a home I'd be proud to show off.

I'd then drop some money on an SUV or a Dodge Charger...or both, if I have enough money - cause I've always wanted one despite how bad they are on gas.  I'd pocket the rest of the money to pay for taxes on the house, taxes and insurance on the SUV and/or Charger, and gas...cause Lord knows, I'll need it.

2.  Who would you say is the one person that's had the most influence on your life?  By that, I mean the person that has molded you in to the person you are today.

As easy as it would be to answer by saying it was my mom - I really can't.  She has had a lot of influence in my life - but the person that I really credit to the way I live my life is my dad.  He's such a laid back, caring, person - and he's what I've always been inspired to be. 

My mom has a tendency to get wound up over the slightest of things.  She lets money stress her out to the max.  I prefer not worrying too much about that stuff.  I work hard, I stay happy, and I try to enjoy life as much as possible...regardless of how much or how little money we have.  That's my dad, through and through.

3.  What is your normal morning routine?  Are you a bear in the morning, or is the morning your favorite part of the day?

I set my alarm for 4am every morning.  I usually drag myself out of bed by 4:30.  There's no reason for me to get up this early - I do it because I love having some time to myself before the day gets started.  I get up, turn on the coffee pot, jump in the shower, get dressed, grab a cup of coffee, and then sit down in front of my computer to write my blog post.  Every single day starts this way.  The only difference on the weekends is that I don't get up at 4:30, and I don't shower before I get on my computer.

During the week, my favorite time of day is the wee hours of the morning while the house is still silent.  On the weekends?  The rest of my family would say that I'm a bear until I've had my first cup of coffee.  I'm not going to disagree with them.  That's usually because I've been woken up by kids yelling, a three year old asking me a million questions before I've even made it to the bathroom to pee, and a dog that's pestering the crap out of me to be fed.  Get me to my coffee!!

4.  If you're a Facebook and Twitter user, which do you prefer and why?  If you're just a Facebook user, what do you think of the new changes? 

I have both a Facebook and Twitter account.  I used to be pretty big into Twitter, but I just haven't used it much in the past few months.  It may be because I follow so many people, I have a hard time wading through the posts....and it also has a lot to do with the fact that I feel like I never have anything interesting to say to the people following me.

I, also, don't like the new changes Facebook has made.  It's confusing, and a hassle. I don't like that they are deciding which people I want to hear from, which status messages I should read, etc.  Because of it, I really haven't spent much time on Facebook since the new changes.  Change normally doesn't bother me too much, but this time I feel like it's just too much too fast.

5.  Repeat Question - Summarize your life in Blogland and in real life.

Blogland has been FANTASTIC!! I started a new challenge, and I'm really doing well.  I've logged 15 minutes of walking both days since, and I've been watching what I eat.  I've also been drinking lots of water!!

Real life has also been great - busy, but great.  Butter is home for the weekend and we're going out for the day today.  I have been helping at work with some chicken eggs that the kids got to observe - even as they hatched.  I am now babysitting 6 baby chicks until my brother comes and pick them up Monday.  He wants them, has his own chicken it's a bonus for him.

Alright, your turn.  Post your link in the comments when you're done, so I can read your answers!!

Till next time. ;)
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  1. I think you have plenty to say Joanne, thats why I love reading your blog everyday! You are so inspirational, even when things dont work out you always resolve to do better! Its a pity you dont tweet as much as I love twitter but you are super busy so its understandable! xxx

  2. I love these questions!


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