Tuesday, October 18, 2011

True Confessions Tuesday

Some weeks, today is the day I dread (like last week).  Some weeks, I absolutely LOVE confessing and getting everything out there.  Then there are weeks - like this week - that are not overly great, not overly bad.  I consider that a pretty good week.  So, here goes for this week's True Confessions...

I confess that...I have not wallowed in self pity once about my weight loss or what I've eaten ALL WEEK.  Not once, I tell you!!  If something has managed to work it's way into my mouth - that may be considered a no-no - I haven't been eaten up by guilt or shame.  I just moved on and forgot-about-it.

I confess that...I was one ticked off mo-fo when I got home from work last Thursday to find out that my 42" TV, the DVR in the living room, and the PS3 were all fried in the previous night's thunder storm.  The TV and the PS3 I can live with - but the DVR that had all of my shows on it?  Not cool!!  There better be a way for me to find the shows I missed online.  The plus side?  My DVR in the bedroom was still OK - that's where I record "my" shows - that Hubby refuses to watch.  So, X-Factor, Paranormal State, Ghost Hunters, Paranormal Witness, and Kitchen Nightmares were still safe.  Phew!!

I confess that...I think it's ridiculous that it's going to take probably close to 2 months to get above items fixed...except the DVR. KUDOS to DirecTV for being the front runner in coming to our rescue.  After one phone call, they have another DVR on it's way to us.  The TV?  Yeah, they are telling us it's going to be 2 weeks before someone can come look at it...and then no doubt they'll have to order a part...and that will take weeks.  The PS3?  Those crazy people want us to put that $500 console into a UPS box and mail it to them.  There better be some kind of confirmation receipt.  I'm not about to just send that thing into the wilderness of delivery trucks.  The sad part is, I bet any money that the companies just end up replacing the TV and the PS3.  Something that could be done in a matter of minutes... but, no, they'd much rather us take the long route.  *SIGH* 

I confess that...last week, there seemed to be an endless buffet of food in the break room at work.  Wednesday it was finger foods and Reese's cake.  Yeah, I had a piece of Reese's cake...it was really good, too.  Thursday I had some kind of taco casserole.  Friday, it was biscuits and gravy.  I ate every day - but watched how much I was eating.

I confess that...I ordered a BBQ sandwich for lunch on Friday.  It came with Mac & Cheese - that I didn't eat.  Come on, that deserves some kind of credit, right?

I confess that...this weekend, I was pretty damn good with my eating.  OK, so the dinners weren't exactly the healthiest of meals.  BUT, I stuck to my guns in regards to portion control.

I confess that...I will have no miles to log tomorrow for the Shrinkvivor challenge.  I was supposed to get some mileage in this week - but I didn't.  I still think I worked off a little, teeny, part of my booty Saturday and Sunday while cleaning.  There's no way to convert lifting boxes, squatting, and standing continuously into miles.  Someone should get on that!

I confess that...while we're on the subject of things I didn't do - I also didn't get in green veggies with at least one meal a day.  I did have a nice salad Friday night for dinner.  I had some green beans one night.  Other than that?  No green. 

I confess that...I haven't stepped on my scale once this week.  Wait.  That's not true.  I think I did Friday - maybe it was Thursday.  I've kinda liked not worrying about it all week.  I think it's something I might start doing each week.  I have to weigh in this morning for the Biggest Loser competition at work... but that scale is always off - so it's not going to give me an exact number for tomorrow.  I weigh with my clothes on at work.  

I confess that...I was a nervous wreck all day yesterday - waiting to hear how Peanut's first day of school went.  It was so hard to focus, I kept looking at the clock, I wanted nothing more than to call the school and ask them how she was... but I didn't.  I've never experienced worry like that before about a child starting a new school.  Is this what being a good mother feels like?

I confess that...when Peanut was 10 minutes late to meeting me at work I was on the verge of dialing 911.  OK, so maybe not 911 - but definitely her school to find out if they'd seen her leave, if they could send a search party out for her....was it possible she got lost walking the straight 1 1/2 blocks to my school?  She walked in at the that point - and all was good with the world. 

I confess...I was the happiest mom in the world when I got to hear about Peanut's wonderful first day.  She couldn't stop talking about her teachers, her classes, and the one friend she made.  She told me that everyone was nice to her.  A group of girls invited her to eat lunch with them, so she didn't have to eat alone, and everyone made her feel welcome.  I almost cried.  Again - good mother feelings?  Her only disappointment from the whole day was not receiving her locker, yet.  Well, if that's all I have to worry about - I'm O-TAY with that!!  (Yes, that was a reference to The Little Rascals)

I confess that...I might be going camping this upcoming weekend.  My parents have been making the plans for a while now... but then my dad found out he might have to work.  That upsets me a little, and I hope he doesn't have to.  This would be so good for Butter - to be able to get out and go camping with the whole family for the weekend.  I'm not so sure how Jelly will take it... but that's something else I can look forward to.  You know what I'm looking forward to?  The possibility of doing some jogging and/or hiking!!  Oh, yeah... can you believe it?

I confess...that I've run out of things to confess.  Not a shabby week - if I say so myself.  Definitely a lot more positive than last week.  This whole weight loss stuff really is mind over matter.  It's amazing how different I feel about my decisions when I have a positive outlook.  Remind me that I said that when I start ranting and raving again, m'kay?

Alright, my lovelies, have a fantastic Tuesday!!

Till next time. ;)

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  1. YAY - I'm soooo happy to hear that about her first day and nearly in tears over your TV issues. I'd be sick about that. Dammit.

  2. My first visit here, but wanted to say hello. Love this post. I might have to remember it or further down the line when I have confessions to make.

    I just got back on the horse again and started a separate blog for my weight loss. http://prettycanhurt.com/losingit/ I have a long way to go!

  3. Welcome, Deb!! Always excited to see a new face around here.

    Draz - I almost cried. It was a lesson learned, though... no more putting off TV shows!!


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