Saturday, October 22, 2011

I Just Have To...It's The Routine

Sorry, folks.  No Bring Your Own Crazy today.  That's because yesterday was Drazil's birthday - and she did a fantastic Birthday Suckhole Extravaganza instead of BYOC.  I don't blame her.  If I had someone that could say the wonderfully amazing things about me - like she has - I'd pass over BYOC, too.

I highly recommend you popping on over to Draz's blog and checking out her Birthday Suckhole Extravaganza.. it's truly wonderful...make sure you take Kleenexes.

Now that I don't have BYOC to fall back on today, I'm kind of at a lost.  I've pretty much spilled my guts all week about everything going on with me...and come on, admit it, you're probably tired of hearing about it.

You're probably thinking "well, then just don't do a post today".  That would be the easy thing to do - but it's just out of my normal routine...and Lord knows, I don't like getting out of routine.

Even if I have to sit here and dribble out words...that's what I'm going to do... because I love my routines - and just one glitch in the system can send me roaring down a path of self destruction.  OK, maybe that's exaggerating a little... but you just never know.

As is my normal routine, I've got so much stuff to do this weekend. 

Camping is out, but that doesn't mean that I just get a weekend off....oh no.  Now I have to go to my parent's house and pick up Butter, I have to come home and try to get rid of some of the craziness that is my current living situation, there's laundry that needs to be done, my new mattress is being delivered tonight, and this morning it's hit me how badly my office needs some serious cleaning.

Just once I'd like to be able to come on here and say "this weekend, I'm doing absolutely nothing".  Wouldn't that be nice?

So, maybe I'm sitting here typing because I don't like being out of routine....but it could also be the fact that I'm stalling.  I want just an hour or so to not have to worry about what awaits me the moment I step out of my office.

Kickball was fun yesterday.  I forgot about letting you all know how that went.  The game lasted an hour - and by the end of it, I was drenched in sweat.  I made sure I played hard.  I ran those bases as fast as I could, I kicked with all my might...even if it meant hitting a kindergartner with the bad.  Luckily, the ball was soft, and the kid thought it was the coolest thing ever.  Kids are strange sometimes, aren't they?

It truly amazes me how something as simple as watching a bunch of teachers play a game of kickball can be the highlight of some kids' week. 

I guess, when you think about it, these kids aren't used to seeing there teachers doing something as crazy as running...or kicking...or cheering...or laughing until they cry.  Even though the kids were just spectators - they loved every last minute of it.  I'm already thinking about future events, like basketball, soccer, or even Dance, Dance Revolution!!

Alright, so I feel like I've completed my blog post requirement for the day. 

Everyone enjoy your Saturday.  Take a few moments to relax, or do something that YOU want to do, k?

Till next time. ;)

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  1. I'm so proud of you for doing kickball. How fun and what a great role model you are. I'm sorry I skipped BYOC - it felt weird for me too! Next week for sure! Love you.

  2. At our school up North, they did a teachers vs. students hockey game twice a year. The kids loved it! You're right -- kids get such a kick out of seeing their teachers doing crazy stuff. Sounds like you're having fun at your job. That's great to hear!


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