Friday, October 14, 2011

Fill 'Er Up Friday

I haven't done this in a few weeks... but with so much stuff going on I feel it's only right to cram it all together in one post I like to call Fill 'Er Up Friday.

First, let's start with the goings on of my family....

My prediction about going to Exile Island was I go.  However, I didn't expect my whole team to be sent.  Team Bronze (my team) had the lowest percentage of weight loss this the entire team has to move on over to Exile.  I was sure to pack my flip flops and sun screen.

Peanut starts her new school on Monday.  It took a whole 30 minutes to get her enrolled into the middle school she'll be attending.  The staff were super sweet and supportive, and I could tell straight away...she's going to be much happier there.  Peanut is super excited...although I think she'll be a little scared on Monday.  I'm gonna be a good Momma and take her on her first day.

Butter is not getting out of the hospital today.  I'm really bummed about it - and I know that he was expecting it.  His counselor thinks another week should be enough...they're just watching a few things that came up this week.  They're not sure if it was caused by his excitement of thinking he was getting out, or something else.  They want to be sure before they let him go.

Next week, I'm having a conference with the principal, assistant principle, and Butter's counselor to make the after care arrangements for Butter.  We're going to determine if he's ready to go straight into a regular classroom, or if he needs a little transition first.  That will mean going in to an inclusive classroom.  Either way, I know Butter will get the support he needs...and he'll be happy about it.  To him, all that is important is that he never returns to our local school district - and he gets to be with me.  I can grant both of those wishes.

OK, now for some other random stuff....

Today, for work, I'm dressed up like a female Steve Urkel.  It's Nerd Day at school.  It has dawned on me that not a single one of my students will get who I'm dressed up as....because they're all probably too young to even know who Steve Urkel is.  It's sad to think that a show I loved to watch in the 90's was a hit before all these kids were even born.  What does that say about all of you that loved the Brady Bunch? I kid, I kid.  Not really.

Anyone watch Harry's Law?  This week's episode started quite the debate in my house.  It was on cyber bullying - and a girl was being charged with homicide because her nasty blog posts led to the suicide of a teenager.  While I think that charging a 17 year old with homicide for writing a blog is a little harsh - I stood on the side of the debate where there should be some consequences for people that write hateful, nasty things about people on blogs or Facebook...or any other place that the entire world can read.  I'm curious to see what you guys think.  What type of punishment should a person get (if any) for cyber bullying?

Everyone hear that Wal-Mart is bringing layaway back for Christmas this year?  Don't get all's a crock of crap.  In my opinion, anyway.  They're only letting you put electronic items and toys on layaway...and each item has to be over $15, the entire amount has to be more than $50, and you have to pay a $5 service fee.  Being the Mother of the Year that I am - this doesn't help at all.  I buy my kids cool stuff like clothes, and they might get one or two toys over $15.  Hey, I'm a woman on a very tight budget!!  I used to use layaway every be able to make payments AND because it gave me somewhere to hide the loot until Christmas.  I think I'll just have to do what I did last one item a week, and find my own hiding places.

I just realized that Peanut will probably read this post and be shocked and horrified to see that I'm the person buying Christmas presents.  Well, Peanut:  Santa is having a hard time this year with the economy and over population.  He's asked for volunteers to help.  You know that I volunteer for everything - so I thought I'd help the old guy out.  I'm sure he's still going to make a stop at our house and fill your stocking and maybe leave you a thing or too...don't worry!!

Holy Job Gods - I sure hope I get a teaching job next year so that I can get the spirit of Christmas back again.  Worrying about buying presents this year gives me the heeby geebies.  It appears, this year - Santa found a job at Capital One.  *Sigh*

To the person that came up with the idea of mixing pretzels, Chex cereal, marshmallows, candy corn, M&Ms, and peanuts together:  I think you are the Devil!!  Just Saying.

Wearing Capri jeans, t-shirt tucked in, and suspenders is not a flattering look.... yet another reason why I have to lose some serious weight.  If I want to pull off crazy looks like this - for the sake of the students to laugh at me - I want to feel good about it.  Not once did I ever comment on Steve Urkel's physique...except when he wasn't Urkel but his normal self... Jaleel White is hot!!  He never worried about a muffin top or back boobs.  Holy flying goat balls...Am I really this worried about looking this fat in Nerd get-up? 

OK, time to get ready for work.  I've still got to try and get my short hair into pigtails.  The things I do for my students... Oh, and I just realized that I have to go straight from work to pick up Butter.  Now I have to decide if I want to keep the Nerd garb on to pick him up...or make myself look a little more normal. 

TGIF!! Everyone have a great Friday!!

Till next time. ;)
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  1. I used to love to watch My Little Margie! (Did I just hear you say "My Little WHAT?")

    As for the cyber bullying -- I'm one of those people who can give a yes or no -- I would have to hear each case and then make a judgement. But that is why I have told my son (13) he cannot expect privacy on the computer -- I monitor what's going on on his FB account and on his email chats -- and I've had to talk with him about a few things he thought was innocent joking around. A 17-year old should know better, but where were the parents?

  2. You are a hoot! I love Family Matters and Steve/Stefan. Sorry about Butter, I know he ready to come home for good :(. For the cyber bullying, I agree with you. That is harsh, but she does need some kind of punishment. And yep, I'm mad about the Wal-Mart layaway too. I hadn't heard the details until now, and that stinks! I won't be using it cause I only get my kids clothes for Christmas (3 and 2). Everyone else gets them enough toys for a year.

    Have a good weekend!


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